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See How Intel Pulled Off The Opening Ceremony Drone Olympic Rings

If you watched the Opening Ceremonies, you saw those awesome drone light shots in the dark.  Yes, it was recorded and not live, but it was still cool. A swarm of drones […]

See The Horror Of The Drone Parody Movie Trailer Featuring A Drone With A Mind Of Its Own

So, what would happen if drones got a mind of its own?  The YouTube channel Jordan Rubin, a Los Angeles-based director, created a parody movie trailer for The Drone.  This is a fake horror movie […]

See Drones And Robots Building A Rope Bridge

Yep, this is coming!  ETH Zurich conducted a study where they used quadrocopters to build a rope bridge people can walk over on.  The bridge consists exclusively of tensile elements and its connections […]

Auburn Launches First FAA-Approved Flight School For Drones

UPDATE: This post is written by Made In Alabama for Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com/ AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn University is positioned to become a key training center for commercial operators of […]

Here Are Five Trends Lifting Alabama’s Aerospace Industry Into An New Era

UPDATE: This post is from Made In Alabama and Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at:  http://alabamanewscenter.com/ Alabama’s aerospace industry has already flown the moon with the Saturn V rocket. Now, it’s ready for […]

It’s Time The Government Allows Journalists/Photographers To Use Drones

With the last severe weather outbreak last week, drones have become a machine used by people to document the severe weather damage, often a short time after the severe storm has passed. […]

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