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Trainscapes: The Busy Tracks At Cordele Georgia

Welcome to Trainscapes.  Each week, we will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives! Railfan Danny was invited to come up to Cordele […]

Trainscapes: Busy Day At Baldwin

Railfan Danny from YouTube channel Distant Signal loves to find hotspots. Places where you can see lots of trains without moving around much. Baldwin, Florida is such a place.  He spent an […]

Trainscapes: What Happened To Tilford Yard

YouTuber Distant Signal went back up to Atlanta to see Tilford Yard, but what he saw three years ago was not the same today.  Most of Tilford Yard is gone, and it […]

Trainscapes: The Bone Valley, Light Engines and Defect Detectors

In this outing from the Distant Signal YouTube channel, Danny catches some engines without their train, a Bone Valley job and check out how defect detectors work.  Enjoy below!

Trainscapes: Started Out Switchin’, Ended Up Chasin’!

Danny from Distant Signal has a new video out profiling railroad switching and following an ethanol train.  Here’s another example of “You never know what you’re gonna get.” We got some really […]

Trainscapes: What Those CSX Letter Prefixes Mean

Ever wondered what the letter prefixes mean on the CSX lines?  From Distant Signal, you get to learn a lot more about the CSX lines and what those letter prefixes really mean.  […]

Trainscapes: Chasing Reroutes On The Bow Line

From the Distant Signal YouTube channel comes another great train video.  Railfan Danny got word that CSX was re-routing some of it’s regular traffic from the Fitzgerald sub to the Bow Line […]

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