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The Evening Post: DefunctTV: The History Of Mousercise

Remember Mousercise back in the 1980’s?  Yeah, I don’t remember it.  But the folks from Defunctland talks about the history of Mousercise below.

The Evening Post: DefunctTV: The History Of Gullah Gullah Island

Remember the show Gullah Gullah Island?  If you were a kid in the 1990’s, you were probably watching this show on Nick Jr.  Now, Defunctland takes you on a journey to learn […]

Explore The History Of The Original Ghost Busters

Did you know there was a Ghost Busters TV show before we saw those GhostBusters movies?  The Ghost Busters was a kids live-action show during those days of Saturday Morning Cartoons in […]

Animation Monday: DefunctTV: The History of Dragon Tales

Ah, I remember the classic PBS Kids show Dragon Tales.  Yep, I have watched a few episodes, as I have seen many animated series, I am a cartoon fan after all!  In […]

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