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Sunday Discussion: The Uncomfortable Truth About Reopening Schools

It’s the topic being talked about around America, are schools safe to be reopened during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  For the last several weeks Doctor Mike has been researching the debate on whether […]

Watch How Well Do Masks Work With Schlieren Imaging In Slow Motion

For those who continue to say masks don’t work or masks infringes on my rights during this Coronavirus pandemic.  Do yourself a favor, and watch this video below.  The folks from It’s […]

The Evening Post: Work From Home Will Forever Alter Our Cities

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, more people will get to work from home now, and that changes a lot of things forever in our cities!  There is a HUGE change coming to […]

5 Ways Alabama Is Making A Difference In The Battle Against COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis has brought unimagined challenges, but businesses across Alabama have answered the call to help health care workers and their communities through these difficult times. Alabama businesses, from large-scale manufacturers […]

What Is Coronavirus: The Absolute Facts Behind the Outbreak

Post is from Health Careers Mankind hasn’t faced such a large-scale epidemic recently. For some people, it’s about fear of the uncertainty and the risk of death, whereas for others, it’s just […]

The Evening Post: These Doctors Are Reckless And Wrong

You might have seen a video from doctors in Bakersfield, California, and it has gotten Doctor Mike angry.  Originally, he did not want to respond to this press conference as he thought […]

Birmingham’s Sanitizit Puts The Clean Back Into Shopping Carts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Post by Carla Davis for Alabama NewsCenter Health experts say one of the nastiest objects you will ever touch is a shopping cart while buying groceries. Shoppers load their food, purses and […]

Sunday Discussion: From Paradise To Hell: Trapped At A Music Festival Because Of COVID-19

One thing is for sure, the days of these international and off-beat music festivals are dead for a while.  In fact, any music festival or concert is likely dead for a while […]

Nurses On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Find New Ways To Care For Patients, Families

Post by Tyler Greer for Alabama NewsCenter Shelby Roberts, a registered nurse at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, recently saw a patient on her intensive care unit fighting to live, and struggling to do so. […]

How To Grocery Shop Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Post by Holly Gainer from Alabama NewsCenter The novel coronavirus has changed many aspects of our day-to-day lives, including trips to the grocery store. Instead of popping by the supermarket to grab what is […]

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