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Why The Cable Networks Must Adapt To The Cord Cutters Or Die Off Completely

Cord cutters rejoice!  The stocks for media content providers like Viacom, Discovery, and Comcast are going way down.  Some say the stocks are being hit because of lower ad revenue.  But that […]

Cable One And Why People Are Leaving Their Cable TV Services / Cord Cutters

Many of you probably missed this, but the local cable company here in Anniston, Cable One, has been spun off.  Cable One was spun off from Graham Holdings Company on July 1, […]

HBO And CBS Streaming Options, Why I Believe Moving To All Internet Streaming Will Not Work

This is the news cord cutters have been waiting for!  This week, HBO announced that they would soon begin to offer HBO via internet streaming in 2015.  HBO already has a way […]

Aereo And Net Neutrality, And What It Means To Cord Cutters

There has been a lot of news lately over Net Neutrality ending and Aereo going to the Supreme Court.  Both of these issues revolve over one group of people who are fed […]

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