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Supremacist Groups And Confederate Flags, Come On Anniston You Can Do Better

Oh Anniston, what is going to happen to you? I mean, the past month has not been very good for the Model City. The city had to deal with two police officers […]

Good News Fridays: CGP Grey Explains The Confederate Flag

The YouTube channel CGP Grey has gotten himself into a big argument about the confederate flag.  And the official confederate government did not recognize the battle flag until they just about surrendered to the […]

Watch Last Week Tonight Talk About Online Harassment

Warning, this video is certainly NSFW, but when you have a chance you need to watch this!  The HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks about the problems on the […]

Music Thursdays: Brad Paisley’s Accidental Racist

Who would have thought a duet with Brad Paisley and LL Cool J would cause so much controversy!  One of Brad Paisley’s latest songs is called “Accidental Racist.”  The song is off Brad […]

Trace Adkins Confederate Flag Controversy

During the Christmas Tree lightning ceremony at Rockefeller Center.  One singer drew a lot of controversy online.  Trace Adkins wore a Confederate flag earpiece during his performance of We Three Kings on NBC.  And this […]

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