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See Pictures Of The Downtown Birmingham Christmas Landscape

  So, at the end of covering all the events in the Birmingham Metro.  I went to the top of a parking garage, and took some photos of the downtown landscape.  I […]

See 10 Reasons Why Siberian Huskies Don’t Pull Santa’s Sleigh

So, why do reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh, and not Siberian Huskies?  The YouTube channel  Gone to the Snow Dogs shows you 10 reasons why Siberian Huskies are not used to deliver presents around the […]

Christmas 2012 With Family

  Yes on Christmas Day I went to my mom’s house.  Christmas did feature a couple of tornadoes in south Alabama but in Ragland, AL we just got some rain and storms. […]

Test Your Christmas Trivia Knowledge

  Are you looking for something interesting to do for Christmas this year?  Dianna Michaels had some Christmas trivia questions for the guests to fill out at the Christmas party and I […]

Trace Adkins Confederate Flag Controversy

During the Christmas Tree lightning ceremony at Rockefeller Center.  One singer drew a lot of controversy online.  Trace Adkins wore a Confederate flag earpiece during his performance of We Three Kings on NBC.  And this […]

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