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Deja-Vu – Even Worse Traffic Issues In 2020 From Oxford’s Festival Of Lights At Choccolocco Park

One year ago, I did a post about the major traffic issues around the Oxford Exchange because of a new Christmas attraction in Choccolocco Park.  That post got a lot of reactions […]

See Pictures And Video From Oxford’s Magic Of Lights (Festival of Lights) 2019

Below, you can view a video and photos from the Oxford, Alabama Magic of Lights, now renamed Festival of Lights attraction located in Choccolocco Park.  This is a drive-thru Christmas attraction with […]

See Pictures And Video From Oxford Greenprix 2020

For the first time ever, middle and high school teams competed in the Greenpower USA race at Choccolocco Park in Oxford, AL.  Students from schools all across the southeast built electric cars […]

Will Anything Be Done To Correct The Major Traffic Congestion Over The Magic Of Lights Attraction In Oxford

This Christmas season, there is a new Christmas attraction in Choccolocco Park called the Magic of Lights.  Sure, it’s a great Christmas attraction and people are liking it.  But, did the folks […]

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