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Geek Alabama Pets: Flying Dogs To Their Forever Homes

This is Geek Alabama Pets. Each week, we will feature an interesting video or post featuring people’s pets, animals, and interesting creatures! Contributor Conor Knighton from CBS Sunday Morning takes to the […]

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Science Mondays: Dr. Anthony Fauci: Divisiveness Has Failed America “In Every Single Way”

Welcome to Science Mondays. Each Monday, Geek Alabama will feature a video or article about the world of Science. Our goal is to feature science topics and make you smarter, and in […]

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The Evening Post: Turning Street Signs Into Art

What a weird and interesting story.  In Florence even the street signs are pieces of artwork. Playful, funny, irreverent, hundreds of them dot the landscape, thanks to street artist Clet Abraham, a […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Jay Leno In The Driver Seat

This is awesome coming from CBS Sunday Morning!  Traffic during rush hour in Washington, D.C., is among the worst in the nation – so lethargic that even a venerable Ford Model T, […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Gridlock: Seeking New Solutions To An Age-Old Problem

As Americans spend an estimated 97 hours a year stuck in traffic, costing tens of billions in lost productivity, answers to our traffic nightmares are being explored, both high-tech and old-school – […]

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Sunday Discussion: Rural Medical Care In Crisis

Here in Alabama, and everywhere in the United States, there is a rural medical care crisis.  Hospitals all across rural America are closing, and that can mean some not so good things.  […]

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Foodie Saturdays: Welcome To The Waffle House

Last weekend, the Super Bowl was in Atlanta.  And Atlanta is the headquarters of the popular southern chain Waffle House.  Founded in 1955, the first Waffle House was just a tiny rectangular box; […]

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