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Watch Someone Send A Piece Of Garlic Bread Up To The Edge Of Space

So okay, why would anyone send a piece of garlic bread to the edge of space, bring that bread back down to Earth, and then eat it?  Yeah, interesting.  Well, Tom Scott did […]

Aspie Recipes: Stuffed Cheesy Bread

When I order food from Domino’s Pizza, I always get their version of the cheesesticks which is their stuffed cheesy bread.  With each bite, you get a heaping amount of cheese to […]

Business Review: Panera Bread

A few weeks ago, Panera Bread opened in Oxford Alabama in front of the Publix.  Yes, I have heard of Panera Bread before but I have never tried them!  So after I […]

Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Bread

I wanted to attempt making my own version of homemade bread.  Homemade bread tastes better and is easy to make.  And you also do not need many ingredients as well.  So here is what […]

Aspie Recipes: Banana Nut Bread

This recipe was inspired by trying to create foods that are a little more healthier.  And what’s better than banana nut bread.  Using real bananas and walnuts in the recipe makes this bread better for you.  It’s better […]

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