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Kid President And The Peanuts Movie Explores Life As A Comic Book

Yes, everyone is getting hyped for The Peanuts Movie that comes out next Friday!  To get you even more hyped, Kid President from the SoulPancake YouTube channel explores life as being like a comic […]

Watch Kid President’s History of Awesome Girls Rap

Kid President and the SoulPancake YouTube channel wants you to watch a rap about the history of awesome women!  The video was short, and there wasn’t enough time for all the world’s awesome girls. […]

Good News Fridays: Kid President Talks About Socktober, Rachel Platten, And Tom Hanks

This week on Good News Fridays, let’s talk about Kid President!  He has been busy this October releasing a lot of new videos!  The first video talks about the 2015 Socktober campaign, […]

Good News Fridays: Kid President’s Pep Talk for the World

Kid President has had a busy week, and another video from the SoulPancake YouTube channel is now out!  And this video is another Kid President pep talk.  This is a call to action to […]

Watch The First Ever Fantabulous Kid President Tell-A-Thon Focusing On Child Hunger

Today, the YouTube channel SoulPancake hosted the first ever Kid President Fantabulous Tell-A-Thon.  What is this live stream all about you ask?  Do you ask yourself if children go hungry in America?  Sadly, there […]

Watch YouTubers Bring The Kid President Book To Life

Need something fun to watch this Sunday morning?  The SoulPancake YouTube channel has another Kid President video out, and this video brings in other Youtubers to celebrate the new Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome […]

Enjoy A Letter To The Future From Kid President

Kid President is back with another great video you need to see!  The  SoulPancake YouTube channel put out this video because two years ago the first Kid President pep talk video was put […]

Watch Kid President And Justin Baldoni Make An Epic Book Trailer

As you should know by now, Kid President is releasing a book!  The book called Kid President’s Guide To Being Awesome comes out on February 3rd.  And the  SoulPancake YouTube channel just uploaded […]

Watch Kid President And Grover At The Socktober Telethon

Kid President and Grover from Sesame Street are back for another awesome video!  Their first video is a great pep talk, the second video features Kid President and Grover at the Socktober […]

Kid President and Grover From Sesame Street Team Up For Socktober

Kid President usually gets a lot of views on his videos.  And Brad Montague and Kid President are awesome people, who I got to talk too a while back.  Even though their […]

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