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The New American Dream: How Technology Can Help You Downsize Your Home

These days, the American dream of a large, spacious home is transitioning into dreams of downsizing. Generally speaking, smaller homes tend to be more affordable, accessible, and easier to maintain. Many homeowners […]

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Looking For Work In A Economically Depressed Area Is Impossible

First off, I made my latest infographic surrounding my never-ending job search called the Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic.  Unlike the board game infographic, this infographic is truly special!  Enjoy below! Today, […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Two Road Drawings About The American Dream

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote this post about why I believe the American Dream is dead for me.  The post went viral and many people read it, thank you! […]

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No Matter What I Do, I Believe The American Dream Is Dead

UPDATE: I wrote this post for the Huffington Post’s All Work, No Pay series about people who believe the American Dream is dead.  I have contacted them, but have not gotten a […]

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