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Here Is A Brief History Of The Alabama Shakes

The soulful rock music of Alabama Shakes has earned them attention all over the counter. The band started out in Athens, Alabama, hence the name. They’re certainly doing the state proud and […]

Music Thursdays: Alabama Shakes – Joe / Dawin – Dessert

This week on Music Thursdays, let’s profile two new songs!  The first song is from the Alabama Shakes, where they were on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert and they performed the […]

Watch The Alabama Shakes Perform On David Letterman

On Monday night, the Alabama Shakes performed their new song called “Don’t Wanna Fight” from their new album Sound & Color on the Late Show with David Letterman.  Their new album will […]

Watch The Alabama Shakes Perform On Saturday Night Live

The Alabama Shakes are back with a new album!  Their second album called Sound & Color is coming out on April 21st.  And to get ready for the album release, the band […]

Music Thursdays: 40 Years Of Austin City Limits

Yes, programs on PBS can last for a very long time, just ask Sesame Street!  Austin City Limits is an American public television music program recorded live in Austin, Texas; by PBS, public […]

Music Thursdays: Are The Civil Wars The Most Popular Band In Alabama

This week, a map was released showing which band is the most popular in each state.  Paul Lamere, Director of Developer Platform at The Echo Nest, created this map using data from Spotify and […]

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