The Hat Trick Of Government Corruption Is Now Complete In Alabama

Ah, today was yet another horrible and embarrassing black eye in the history of the Alabama government.  Ever since the state of Alabama became a state in 1819, and especially since the adoption of the constitution of 1901, the longest and most corrupt constitution in the world, Alabama has seen it’s share of politicians of both parties and from all branches of government get charged and convicted of corruption charges, or resign before they go to jail, the easy way out.

Today, Robert Bentley took the easy way out and resigned his governor post.  Before he resigned, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges.  Sure, he will have to pay back his campaign funds, pay some fines, forgive his retirement money which is a HUGE blow, and serve some community service, but Robert Bentley took the easy way out.  He should have spent some time in our beautiful and well run state prison system.  I’m being sarcastic there, our state prisons are horrible!

He even had the guts to “thank” the people for being their leader of the state.  Glad you are outta here Bentley!

In the past year, the leaders of all three branches of state government have been removed from office.  It’s the hat trick of government corruption!  Some legislators were saying states like New York and New Jersey have had corruption governors removed before.  Yes, most states have had to remove a corrupt leader before, not every person is clean as they say when they were running for office.  But never before the speaker of the state house, the chief justice of the state supreme court, and the governor have all been removed because of corruption, in the same term, and all within a one year period.  It has never happened before in any state!

I’m sitting here watching the local news and I hear state leaders say things like “the future is bright in Alabama”, or “the worst is behind us.”  And I think to myself, what a horrible thing to say!  We continue to have leaders in our state government be corrupt or do things based on how much money they receive.  It was a big problem when the Democrats were in power in Montgomery, and now it’s a big problem with the Republicans in power now.  But hey, quit blaming the legislators, judges, and government officials for the problems in Montgomery, we need to start blaming ourselves.

Most people in Alabama will either vote via party lines or vote for the person who says they are for “family values”, or say they are a good “Christian person”, or say they will keep “government small” and “keep taxes low.”  You know what I mean, we see these people in every election cycle.  And these people who say these things are mostly the ones who always gets in trouble with the law and become corrupt inside state government.  Until we QUIT voting for these idiots, the cycle of corruption and wrongdoing will continue!  We can’t continue to keep voting for Darth Vader, right?

We can’t keep saying “thank God for Mississippi” anymore!  Alabama has the third highest unemployment rate in America.  We have a state prison system that is in shambles.  We have a Medicaid crisis where people can’t afford to see a doctor.  We have infrastructure that is crumbling with no funds to fix it.  We have schools that are rapidly declining with horrible math and reading scores.  We have hardly any mental health services or a good court system.  I can go on and on with the problems Alabama is facing, it’s not good!

Every year something stupid comes into the news from Montgomery, from the Luv Gov, to HB 56 which scared many people, to a current bill that would install “ransomware” onto all phones and computers to stop porn (who comes up with these things?)  The people in Montgomery continue to propose and pass stupid things that causes Alabama to be embarrassed in the worldwide media yet again, or yet another government official becomes corrupt, or we have to spend taxpayer money defending bills that are unconstitutional,  it’s a neverending cycle that seems like it never wants to end!  It’s like our leaders in Montgomery has money to burn baby!

How about doing something different for a change?  How about reforming our archaic 1901 tax structure?  How about maybe raising the property taxes from being dead last in America so we can properly fund education?  Yes, that means quit listening to those so called lobbyists from ALFA Insurance and Alabama Power.  How about allowing us to vote on a statewide lottery so we can quit seeing millions leave the state?  Yes, that means quit listening to the Business Council of Alabama for a change.  How about requiring insurance companies to pay for Autism therapy like 46 other states already do?  Yes, that means kicking the bums from Blue Cross / Blue Shield out of the state house.  I can go on and on about things to improve Alabama!

And how about something radical, like making marijuana legal?  Yet, you clowns in Montgomery will continue to listen to those churches who those attending have to listen to politics instead of preaching from the Bible.  Alabama will continue this cycle of being dead last in everything, having multiple government officials being corrupt, and being embarrassed almost every day in the national and worldwide media.  This has to stop, and soon!  We are now in a worldwide economy, and everyday this continues, Alabama loses!  It’s like Willy Wonka telling us “You Lose” every single day!

If you people living in Alabama wants to change this, there is only one thing to do, vote for someone else!  Vote for the person in the other party you don’t like, vote against the person who praises “family values”, or is a so-called “True Christian.”  Don’t believe the person who says they are for “small government” and “lower taxes.”  Those sayings means people are harmed and we have to rely on the federal government for funding.  I wonder how long that lasts with Trump in the White House?

Until we do that, we will continue to see self-centered, racist, greedy, corrupt, selfish, and bigot government leaders.  And in our world today, having people like that serving in our government means we lose!  I want to win!  We can’t keep welcoming people to Sweet Home Alabama for much longer if we stay corrupt and stupid!


Sunday Discussion: Five Things That Can Fix The Alabama Legislature Circus Act

Geek Alabama Discussion

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about the chaos inside the circus otherwise known as the Alabama Legislature.  In the last seven days, Medicaid was almost killed in Alabama, Forever Wild was almost killed, not one tax increase made it out of committee, and no one can agree on a General Fund budget.  I mean come on, do you really think anything good will come out of a group of clowns and circus performers?  Instead of making Alabama better, the clowns have been herding the elephants, performing corrupt dance moves, and shooting out of the circus cannon, many times!


So, I am styling this post as if you were inside an arena and watching a circus performance.  Instead of seeing professional circus performers, pretend that you were instead seeing our legislators in the place of the performers.  The clowns are the lawmakers who are funny, I mean clowns are supposed to be funny and do silly things.  Do you see some comparisons here, I do!  But that’s not all, the dancers and artists in the circus act are the state employees who are being told what to do by the clowns.  The elephants in the circus show are the people following the clowns around.  And of course, the ringmaster is Governor Bentley, who is having a very hard time controlling the circus!

So I wanted to talk about five things I feel like would move the Alabama circus act to a better place.  A place where the economy is better and people are not poor and struggling.  In this Alabama circus act, the audience is the poor and disabled, who are forced to pay to watch a circus train wreck!  And for the audience, you can’t skip this circus act, you are forced to pay and watch!  What would be the first thing I would change in the Alabama circus act?  For starters, some major tax reforms!  In the current circus act, the poor and disabled are forced to pay a huge ticket price, or taxes, to watch circus performers who do a terrible job making people smile and laugh.

So for starters, I would lower the ticket prices, or the taxes, for the poor and disabled and also not force them to pay and watch this circus act.  Instead, I would start up a tiered ticket price system, where the rich have to pay a much higher ticket price, or taxes to watch this circus show.  For the poor and disabled, they would pay a much lower ticket price, or taxes.  I would do this by reforming the property tax system Alabama has currently.  It’s long time for the property taxes, especially those with large timber holdings and farms, to pay their fair share!  In fact, if Alabama doubled their property taxes, the state would still have one of the lowest property taxes in the United States.

Second, a circus act usually has ways where you can pay extra to enjoy a better circus experience.  In this instance, it would be a lottery and gambling.  Right now, every state surrounding Alabama has some type of gambling, from a lottery, to casinos.  And every time the jackpots go sky high, people drive to the neighboring states to get lottery tickets.  That is money which is leaving Alabama!  Why does Alabama not have a lottery and gambling?  Is the circus too afraid that the circus boss, or God, will come and strike down on you?  It’s long time for Alabama to allow a lottery and casino gambling.  It would be a gamechanger for the state, and the state would have more revenues!  More revenue would be good for the circus as well.

Third, the circus currently has clowns who are doing some very naughty things.  These clowns are saying cuss words, or giving the middle finger, or even taking their clothes off.  In comparison, there are lawmakers who should have already stepped aside, especially the speaker of the house who is facing 20+ corruption charges.  The state has several lawmakers who only cares about power, and who cares about getting in trouble with the law, they will keep that power until they are dragged out.  Kind of like this circus, where the clowns will continue to do bad things until the police come in and drag them out.  Doing any naughty things should never pay, even in this circus act, or even in the legislature.

Fourth, this circus act has a Yelp page!  And the Yelp reviews are in, and they are very bad!  But who cares about those Yelp reviews, the circus will continue to do what they are known to do, even if it harms their business.  Kind of like the legislature!  Where the calls to change the current status quo is growing, but nothing is being done to make the legislature a better place, instead you keep seeing the name calling and punches being thrown because of anger.  If this circus act wants to get better Yelp reviews, it should change up what they are doing so people have a better experience at the show, just like the legislature!  How about having the courage to change something up?  It won’t kill you to do it!

And lastly, the circus act has too many businesses and sponsors who are controlling the strings and telling the circus what to do.  The sponsors want more clowns, and more elephants and cannon shots, something the public does not want to see!  The public wants to see something new and awesome!  And in comparing this to the legislature, the sponsors are the lobbyists and businesses who are controlling the legislators.  They are telling the lawmakers what to do, and if they don’t do it, they pull their financial support to them.  And we all know that money is everything these days, especially in elections!  So the legislators just follow the herd, and don’t have the guts to something different!  It’s time to try something new!

giphy (1)

So there you have it!  I have just compared the Alabama Legislature to a circus act, and it is a very truthful statement!  Which clowns do you have more trust in?  The ones you see in a circus act, or the ones down in Montgomery making all the rules?  I know that answer; I would rather see the clowns perform in a circus act.  The clowns in the legislature are just in disguise, and would do anything possible to make the poor and disabled hurt even more!