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The Alabama Legislature Has Plans To Screw And Defund Schools Even More

The Alabama Legislature is on some kind of weird and ironic mission to screw most citizens in the Yellowhammer State.  Not only they are wanting to cut out so much Medicaid funding […]

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The Alabama College And Career Guide And The Many Grammar Errors

So I picked up the Spring 2014 edition of the Alabama College And Career Guide.  The book has lots of information for high school students who are looking for options after graduation. […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Hoover School Bus Fees / Huntsville Road Problems

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am talking about two issues affecting folks in Alabama.  First off, is there a solution to the Hoover School Bus issues? Hoover School Buses Saved? This […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: The Hoover School Bus Issue

It’s been in the news across Alabama and America.  And I thought it was time to talk about this big issue, and it involves the Hoover School Buses.  You see, at the […]

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The Problems in Birmingham Alabama

I can not believe all the problems that are going on in the City of Birmingham Alabama right now.  Every day it seems like we keep hearing of more bad news coming out of […]

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Legislative Roundup – Week 11

Update:  I skipped the week 10 edition of Legislative Roundup.  Read week 9 below. http://geekalabama.com/2012/04/05/legislative-roundup-week-9/ The Alabama Legislature just loves to help destroy the business environment of Alabama. A new bill HB 658 would […]

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