Shape Up! – Week 26

This is week 26 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.  (half a year in to it!)

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This last week has been a worrying one for sure.  I am still on the desperate search for my 14th job in 6 1/2 years.  And after hearing from a TV station of a job fair for this new factory opening in Talladega I went down.  They were looking for 50 people now and around 250 more people in the next 2 years.  Well I was not the only one there as a few thousand people showed up as well.  The line outside of the career center door was stretching out far into the parking lot.  So since I have hardly any industrial experience I will probably not get a call back.  So the never-ending search for a job that always ends up with me in a black hole continues.

At the same time I am searching for a new job.  I see many of my former classmates and people I know doing lots of fun stuff.  Many have gone to the beach or somewhere on vacation.  And one is even getting married today.  All of this just makes me daydream and think about what I would like to see.  I would love to travel the world and see places such as Europe and Italy.  I would love to help fund-raise money for a great cause.  And I would love to be a person to turn such as here on Geek Alabama.

Over the last week I did not do much on the exercising front again mostly because of the limited income.  The only thing I am doing is the walking which is time to think about things.  I hope this unemployment situation comes to an end soon.  Because I would love to step up the exercising to get in shape.  I do not have to worry about the food because I am not eating much at all.  Most days I do not get to the 1500 calorie mark which means my body thinks I am starving.  And in turn limits the weight loss.  If someone would hire me I would be able to eat more and it would help me get in shape.

Here is what I ate last week:

Saturday: Ham steak, Brown rice, Sweet tea.

Sunday: Hotpockets, Sweet tea.

Monday: Frozen pizza, Sweet tea.

Tuesday: Ham and Swiss sandwiches, Sweet tea.

Wednesday: Ham and Swiss sandwiches, Sweet tea.

Thursday: Hotpockets, Sweet tea, Fruit bar.

Friday: Fajitas, Sweet tea, Fruit bar.

Have a good week everyone!


Legislative Roundup – Week 9

Well the folks down in Montgomery are back this week!  And boy you just have to hear about the general fund budget.  Every department is going to have huge cuts!  Some of the most extreme cuts include a 30% cut to the judicial system.  40% cut to the ethics commission.  And a 100% cut to the attorney general office!  Read the chart from the WSFA website.

This is just sad!  Why are we not looking at our tax structure?  If we had a lottery and fair property taxes that included large land owners.  Alabama would not be in big trouble.  But we have to keep our taxes dirt cheap.  And the people who want taxes to stay super low expect the same services governments must provide.  Something is wrong here.  For the folks who want super low taxes.  Get over it!  Our taxes are eventually going to have to go up.  And if you don’t like it move out of the state.  That’s right; you will pay more taxes if you leave Alabama.  And for the large land owners and businesses who pay hardly any taxes.  How would you feel if you got no police or fire protection because of super low taxes?  You would not like that at all would you.  These folks can pay more taxes.  And if you don’t like then leave Alabama.

Speaking of something that needs to be cut.  Why have the legislators not cut their pay yet?  That should have been something that was cut long ago!  Now let’s talk about the Alabama charter school issue.  Governor Bentley and State Superintendent Tommy Bice (who I know) went down to New Orleans to tour charter schools that are in operation.  I believe the charter school issue needs to be approved in Alabama.  Charter schools are not needed everywhere in Alabama.  But in poorer districts such as the black belt and big cities; they are needed.  The only issue is how are we going to fund them?  We already have major budget cuts coming.  Once again the tax issue needs to be looked at in Alabama.  And no it’s not going to kill you to pay just a little more.

One bill that had huge support and passed is to provide tax breaks for new employees that are from the military.  This is a great bill but what about the people who have been unemployed for a long time?  I have been unemployed for around 10 months now!  I wish the state would help us in finding work but the career center in Anniston sucks!  There is one area that could be looked at in the budget cuts.

My Day Unconnected

So how did I spend my day mostly staying off the internet in protest to the SOPA/PIPA bills being debated in Congress?  I was outside.  I live about half a mile away from the Alabama State Career Center office.  And yes I am still looking for another job six months later.  And with the bombshell news of massive layoffs coming to the Anniston/Oxford area my prospects in finding a job just went much further down.  It’s like someone just dropped a bomb on me and this community.  That music video from The Gap Band is just so cool to watch.

So with the prospects of impending doom for this area I just took the mind off things for a while.  First I walked down to the corner of Greenbrier Dear Rd. and Coleman Rd. here in Anniston.

I just stand and lean on the traffic light box and watch traffic go by.  I also like to watch the traffic lights go through the sequences.  It is almost like playing a game.  Will that car make it to the light before it turns yellow?  Will that car blow through that red light?  How long does the cars have to wait before they get the green light?  Does someone do something crazy while at the intersection?  When my mind is in a funk; watching an intersection takes my mind off things and it makes me happy.  After being there for around 30 minutes I began to walk down Coleman Rd. to the career center.

Going to the career center is much easier to do then going back to my apartment.  It is all downhill to the center.  I have to cross the road once to avoid some high weeds and people’s yards.  Every once in a while someone will be stupid enough to blow their horn or yell out of the window.  Who does that; I think it is very disrespectful to scream out of your window or blow your car horn just to annoy someone who walks along the road.  How would you feel if you were walking along a road and someone yelled at you?  I bet you would not be happy at all.

Walking along Coleman Rd. I notice many cars that drive way too fast for the 35 speed limit along the road.  And I also see cars that drive all over the road.  I think you can see why that is.  Look at the picture above.  I think all of you would agree that the road needs fresh road paint.  The road paint lines are all faded away.  That makes this road dangerous especially at night.  I then get to the Alabama career center and there is nothing new in the job front.  And you know when there are problems when half of the computers in the center are broken.  And the employees working there are sitting at their chairs and not helping the people look for any jobs out there.  If anyone from the Alabama career center system is reading this post please make some changes at the Anniston career center.  Because it is about to get worse with the massive layoffs looming here in this area.

Then I make the walk back to my apartment.  It is much harder to walk back because it is all uphill back home.  There are two good things about walking along Coleman Rd.  One is watching the traffic light in the distance go through its sequence.  And if I hear a train horn I can turn around and watch the train go by off in the distance.  So this is how I spent most of my day unconnected.  And I do hope these bills in Congress goes down for good.

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