Young Men Facing A Crisis?

I read this article over the weekend that said that young men is facing a huge crisis.  Many young men have a crisis whom suffer from “failure to launch”.  Some federal statistics actually can back up this claim.  Young men are twice as likely to live with their parents than young women.  They are also less likely to finish college or to have a job.  Of course with the economy that has crashed down recently; those figures are getting worse.  The article states that young men are facing an epidemic and are stuck in between childhood and adulthood.  It also states that more young men are depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and under prepared.  The story finishes by saying young men would rather be addicted to the internet or substance abuse rather than facing real life problems.  We would rather look at online porn and play World of Warcraft than facing real life.  Now I know there are some young guys out there who had a tough childhood and might be facing problems.  But some young guys are living at their parents because the economy sucks.  What jobs are out there right now for the under 30 crowd.  The highest unemployment rate is the under 30 crowd.  You go to college and graduate just to end up back at your parents house playing online games.  Because there are hardly any jobs out there.

The program out in Colorado called Insight Intensive at Gold Lake was set up to help young guys get back on track with their adult lives.  Some guys end up in a tough situation because they had helicopter parents and some had abusive parents.  Some young guys think adulthood is not appealing and want handouts for the rest of their lives.  And some have tried to go to college but are behind or struggle to be successful and drop out.  I would hope our education system that is mostly geared to girls would help boys out more but I know that is not the case.  Now you could say I am in that area stuck between childhood and adulthood.  I was abused by my dad and step mom; I had a alcoholic step dad; I have had some anger problems in the past; I was picked on many times throughout school; I struggled grade wise throughout school and barely graduated high school.  If I want to go to college; I am so far behind I will need much catching up to do.  I am currently searching for my 13th job in 6 years;  struggle remembering what I read from a book; I am a little overweight; And love watching TV and the internet.  I have been to several interviews and have been turned down.  Could the Asperger’s that I have be a factor; I hope not.  I have attempted a couple of times to go out on my own and live only to end up homeless and back to my mom.  This could be a good program for me but could I or my relatives afford the $350 a day cost?  I do not think so.  But this program is a good start for young men who really need some help and I hope more start up in the future.