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TV Review: Kid President: Declaration Of Awesome


On Saturday, the new show Kid President: Declaration Of Awesome premieres on the Hub Network!  You know Kid President, the kid who gives great speeches/pep talks on YouTube and has millions of views.  Now, take his videos, and expand it to 30 minutes, that is what this show is about!  And I got a chance to see the first episode with Kevin Costner.  And I thought it was good!

The first episode will be about heroes and heroism.  At the beginning, Kid President is talking about how Corndog Jones is a superhero in the Adventures of Corndog Jones, which is a corndog in a superhero suit controlled by strings.  And to celebrate, Kid President wears his underwear outside his pants, and immediately, you see the wit and humor from the YouTube videos come to TV, brilliantly!  The intro for the series is well done!  I liked how they got Kid President to do things like fly in the sky and shoot a slam dunk, you will be impressed by the intro!

The first part of the show is kind of like the classic show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, you know when Space Ghost interviewed someone via a TV screen.  After they go to the chalkboard wall to talk about being a hero, Kid President uses a cardboard TV with stringed tin cans for the interview/phone call, something all kids dream of doing!  Kid President interviews Hollywood producer David Wain about making the dream movie all kids would love to see, like featuring explosions, cats on a skateboard, and of course a dragon!  And during the scenes, you will see some cutaway humor that gave me a few laughs.  The chalkboard wall and Cardboard TV interview has some witty humor that is honest, and sometimes tells the truth.  Kid President wants things to be done, and will get it done!  And for the wall of heroes, french fries are on my wall too!

Then Kid President interviews Kevin Costner and goes to the interview via Kid Force One, of course!  The interview between Kevin Costner and Kid President is very real!  Kevin did a great job telling Kid President what a true hero is about.  Kid President also asked some great questions to Kevin, like who is Kevin’s heroes, how you can be a hero, how Kevin was like when he was a kid, and how Kevin thinks about other people.  The interview between Kevin Costner and Kid President was honest and real, and features some great life lessons anyone can learn!

Other great things you see in the first episode, includes the Super Sad Person alert, that features Kid President doing things to make sad people be happy again.  To the mailbag segment, where it’s like the classic show Blue’s Clues, where Kid President answers mail from people.  The Kid President Medal of Awesome, I wish I could get one, to a Kid President Pep Talk, where you can only see it on TV, the first pep talk is about yourself being a hero, while Kid President is wearing a red cape, and Kid President nails the pep talk, it was done really well!  You will also get to see a special Kid President movie trailer, where Kid President is played by someone else, it was a very creative and funny parody movie trailer!  You need to see it!

Kid President: Declaration of Awesome not only features Kid President and special celebrity guests, you also get a slice of the Americana life.  In the first episode, you will see how two girls set up an alpaca kissing booth to raise money for a special playground swing accessible to children in wheelchairs.  That is the kind of stuff that should be featured more often.  The show does go out and talk to average people like me and you, about how to live a more thoughtful and happy life.  The show takes all of the things you see on the Soul Pancake YouTube channel, and expands it to a 30 minute show, with a few commercials.  Kid President aims to make the world a happier, better, and more awesome place, and of course, you will also get to see Robby dance, that is one thing that makes Kid President unique.

The series is executive produced by actor Rainn Wilson and Novak’s brother-in-law and show creator, Brad Montague.  Future episodes will feature interactions between Kid President and a variety of guest stars, including Gene Simmons, Jamie Foxx, Craig Robinson, Mario Lopez, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, and plenty of other surprises.  In a land of kid’s shows that mostly feature gross humor, weird jokes, and no lessons for the kids, Kid President: Declaration of Awesome is a breath of fresh air in kids and family TV programming.  You will learn something, get a laugh or two, and become inspired after watching an episode!  I think this is a TV program the entire family will enjoy, and it’s for all ages!

New episodes of Kid President: Declaration of Awesome airs on Saturdays at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific on the Hub Network.  Learn more about the show at:

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