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Spooksville Season Finale This Saturday / Kid President TV Show New Premiere Date


Spooksville Season Finale

This Saturday at 4 pm Central, is the season one finale of Spooksville.  In the season finale episode called “Stone”, Adam wakes up in an alternate universe reality where he’s not friends with Sally and Watch.  Judging by the promo video from Hub Network, it’s going to be a great finale!

As of the writing of this post, the future of Spooksville is still up in the air.  Recently, Spooksville got six Daytime Emmy nominations, making it one of the most nominated shows on Hub Network so far.  The show has also gotten nine Young Artist Award nominations, which is very impressive for a TV show!  So, if you want Spooksville to have a season two, you need to tune in this Saturday.  Last week, the ratings for Spooksville was good for the channel.  The writers and actors on the show would like to convince the Hub Network programming folks to renew them, and that only happens with good ratings!  The ratings below from the last week are from TV Media Insights.

Tune into the season finale of Spooksville on Saturday May 17th at 5 pm Eastern / 2 pm Pacific on the Hub Network!  And tweet along with the hashtag #Spooksville.

Kid President TV Show New Premiere Date

Around a month ago, Kid President or Robby Novak, and the YouTube channel SoulPancake, announced they were making a TV show!  Here is the video of that announcement.

Most everyone thought the premiere date was going to be on Saturday June 7th, but Hub Network has made a date change.  Their Facebook page has announced that Kid President: Declaration of Awesome will now premiere on Saturday June 21st, two weeks later than the original premiere date.  Don’t worry, the show is still going to be the same, the two-week delay is to make the show perfect!  Here is a promo from Hub Network, I look forward to reviewing this show on June 21st!

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