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Upcoming Hub Network Shows: Parents Just Don’t Understand, Kid President, Family Game Night


First off, last week I was a part of the 2nd Hub Network What’s The Hubbub – Spooksville Hangout featuring Keean Johnson and series head writer Jim Krieg.  The video is hosted by Hub Network’s VP of Programming Ted Biaselli.  A much better quality of the Google Hangout was uploaded today, and you can enjoy it below!  The next Hub Network What’s The Hubbub will be in early May when me and the other bloggers chat about the upcoming season four finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, that is going to be very popular!

So most networks have announced what new programming will be premiering on TV.  And for someone who loves to review new TV shows, this is an exciting time!  The great folks from the Hub Network likes us when we talk about their shows, so I thought I would talk about the new shows announced by the network so far.  I think these shows is something the network needed, especially for prime time.

Parents Just Don’t Understand

I have yet to experience this since I am a single guy, but I know when I have a family, I will have my future kids say “oh yea, I can do what you do!”  Well, Hub Network is going to let kids prove that they can do what their parents do.  And for the parents, they will get to experience what the kids do every day.  And yes, some kids do a lot of stuff every day from school, sports, homework, extra-curricular activities, and more!  Parents Just Don’t Understand is a new show hosted and executive produced by Joey Fatone from that classic boy band N’Sync.  Think of this show as a family version of Wife Swap where the entire family swaps lives!

The unique reality series called Parents Just Don’t Understand will give parents the chance to walk a day in their kid’s shoes and experience first hand all the pressures and demands of their busy, over-scheduled lives.  Meanwhile, kids will get to see what it is like to be responsible for the variety of things their parents do on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly at home and at work.  The series is an imaginative premise that will create an authentic, funny, and inspirational dialogue about the stress parents and kids experience, while also fostering mutual understanding and respect on both sides.

Oh yea.  I can see this show becoming a major talking point with many families.  One, because kids are taking on more and more activities.  Kids must go to school and do homework.  But kids are also taking on so many after school activities that it takes family time away.  Older kids and teenagers also do a lot of activities just to sweeten their resumes for potential colleges.  It’s going to be funny watching parents sitting in a child’s desk inside a school classroom.  While the other kids wonders what is going on.  As for the kids, they are going to be shocked to see how the real world works.  It’s going to make for one interesting series!  The 22 episode series will premiere later in 2014 on the Hub Network.

Kid President: Declaration of Awesome

Kid President or Robby Novak, is a very popular figure on YouTube.  Kid President is a popular video series on the YouTube channel SoulPancake, and you should subscribe to their channel!  Kid President has been on many awesome adventures including meeting President Obama, and Kid President always carries a great message of working together, love, and hope.  Yep, Kid President already has a video up making this big announcement.  And yep, let’s give the TV people a reason to dance!

Since Kid President is very popular on YouTube, you knew he would end up on TV.  Other YouTube stars also have their own TV shows, so this comes as no surprise that Kid President is coming to TV.  Just be glad that Hub Network got Kid President first before another network did!  Kid President, along with executive producer Rainn Wilson, and the show’s creator, Brad Montague (Robby Novak’s brother-in-law) are already out filming for the June premiere.   SoulPancake Television, LLC, will produce Kid President: Declaration of Awesome.

In every episode, Kid President will explore different themes, hang out with families from across America, and chat with his celebrity friends.  As Kid President would say, get ready to dance people!  The first season will consist of 10 episodes airing throughout the upcoming Summer.  Hopefully there will be many more episodes of Kid President on TV.  It all depends on how many people watch!  And don’t worry, Kid President is still doing videos on the YouTube channel SoulPancake.  Look for the premiere of Kid President: Declaration of Awesome this June on the Hub Network.  Learn more about the show at:

Family Game Night Season Five

Family Game Night is one of the original shows when the Hub Network first launched back in 2010.  The award-winning series hosted by Todd Newton is coming back this Summer for season five.  And for the fifth season, you are going to see celebrities competing alongside the families for charity.  For the first time ever, the series from Hasbro Studios, will invite celebrities and their families to show off their gaming skills in addition to families picked from the audience.  Celebrity contestants will play games based on classic Hasbro brands and compete for a charity of their choice.

Production for season five is scheduled to begin in June with an air date slated for the summer of 2014.  The series will return with the classic, action-packed life-sized Hasbro games viewers love including JENGA, BARREL OF MONKEYS, MONOPOLY Remix, YAHTZEE, BATTLESHIP, CONNECT 4 Basketball, SIMON FLASH, OPERATION, SORRY! and BOP IT! Boptagon.  Every family that participates on Family Game Night plays in the Community Chest round.  One lucky family with the combination that opens the chest advances to the final MONOPOLY Crazy Cash round and has a chance to win cash and a new car.

I look forward to seeing which celebrities will be appearing on Family Game Night this Summer.  As some of you may know, I am a huge game show junkie.  I love the classics like the Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy!  Family Game Night is a show the entire family can enjoy, and yes, don’t be surprised if your family is soon playing a great board game at home.  If geeks and nerds still plays board games, you can too!  Learn more about Family Game night at:

The Hub Network has been the most co-viewed children’s network versus all kids cable networks for four years in a row.  And the network has sharpened its development focus and honed in on original shows for its co-viewing audience.  These new shows are the beginning for Hub Network’s expansion into programming for kids and their families to watch together.   They say they will be announcing more shows soon!

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