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Hub Network’s What’s the Hubbub? featuring Kid President Is Today


Kid President (Robby Novak) and series creator Brad Montague are going to be answering questions from the media folks today, and I am getting to ask questions to Kid President, how cool is that my friends!  Today, Hub Network is doing another Hub Network What’s the Hubbub?  And there will be two Google Hangout chats to see and watch today!  The times for the Hub Network chats are at 1 pm Central and 3 pm Central.  And I am going to be in the first one at 1 pm Central.

Today during both chats, VP of Programming Ted Biaselli will host while Kid President and Brad Montague will be in Nashville answering questions.  Today is a little different because they will be seeing my face via webcam.  Let’s just say, these are two web chats you will want to attend, and they will only be around 20-30 minutes long!  The Google Hangouts are going to talk about the new show Kid President: Declaration of Awesome that premiered on the Hub Network last Saturday.  If you missed the first episode, read my review at:

And watch the first episode at:

In the videos below, you will see that Kid President is ready to go and is full of energy!  I am in the first video and for you Bronies, you will love to find out that both Kid President and Brad Montague likes watching the show.  Brad thinks the show is great and loves the messages it shares.  While Kid President thinks a crossover between My Little Pony and Transformers would be awesome, or as Kid President would call it.  Transponies, robot ponies in disguise!

Also, Kid President loves math in school, and thinks recess and lunch should be longer, amen!  Also, meatloaf and humus should be served in schools more.  And Kid President would like to play soccer and surf more.  Both videos are great to watch!  So, take about 40 minutes and enjoy both videos below!

And enjoy of SlideShare called 10 Life Lessons from Kid President!

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