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TV Reviews: Parents Just Don’t Understand, Epic Meal Empire, Human Resources


On this TV reviews post, I am talking about three new shows on Hub Network, FYI, and Pivot.  Let’s go!

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Last weekend, Hub Network premiered Parents Just Don’t Understand hosted by Joey Fatone.  The concept of the show is simple, each episode features a parent and their child switching places.  That means the child will do all the work and chores the parent does.  And the parent will do the chores and school work the child does.  In the first episode, you see the parent do the chores, and the science experiment the child has to do.  The best part was seeing the woman parent wearing full pads, and doing football practice!

As for the child, he had to try to control an employee who was talking on his cell phone all the time.  And he had to make lunch and dinner for the family, and make cupcakes, which he did not finish.  Yeah, I thought some parts of the show was staged, like not knowing that Joey Fatone will show up at your door.  And the employee talking on his cell phone was something I felt like was staged, just to put some pressure on the kid.  Overall, it was interesting to see the lives of the parent and child switched!  But I would like to see the parent suffer in a classroom, I hope a future episode will show that!  I enjoyed the first episode, and I think you will like it too!

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Epic Meal Empire

In a trend of YouTube channels getting their own TV shows.  The YouTube channel Epic Meal Time got their own TV show on the new network called FYI, formally known as BIO.  The show stars the same talent you see on the YouTube channel, and in each episode, you see the team do some kind of wacky stunt.  And each episode also sees the team inventing some kind of new food, that will be way over the top in calories and fat.

The episodes so far have involved a robot made out of food for school kids, a car made out of food, feeding some zombies, edible gym equipment, a weird Jewish meal, and more!  Each episode, of course will feature a lot of bacon, and what I like the most about this show, a portion of the production budget of Epic Meal Empire is donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!  Yeah, I think the show is okay, and if you are a foodie like me, you will like this show!  This show is a great start for the new FYI Network!  Enjoy the first episode below!

Learn more about the show at:

Human Resources

Have you heard of the network called Pivot?  Pivot is a network aimed at Millennials, like me.  It airs classic shows like Farscape and Veronica Mars.  And social issue shows like TakePart Live.  One of the new shows is called Human Resources, and I got a chance to preview the show before it aired.  The show follows TerraCycle, an innovative company whose mission is to “eliminate the idea of waste.”  TerraCycle is one of the fastest growing green companies in the world, and they’ll take anything and everything that is landfill-bound — from potato chip bags to cigarette butts — and recycles, up-cycles, re-uses, or otherwise transforms these objects into something else.

The first episode features the small company getting a book deal, so the team creates a sample chapter to show to the publishers.  I thought the show has some promise, young people are more environmentally conscious.  And the small business thinks turning trash into treasure is a great business idea.  I thought the show was good, but will people here in the conservative south think it’s good, I don’t know about that.  My local small cable company does not pick up Pivot, and I don’t think they will ever pick up the channel.  So it will be watching Pivot shows online instead!  Enjoy the first episode below!

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