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Roadscapes Wednesday: More Issues Along Greenbrier Dear Road


It’s time for Roadscapes Wednesday on Thursday!  And on this edition, I am addressing a problem, where you can barely see the painted lines on a major road.  If this was some side street, I would ignore it, but this is a 5-lane busy street!  And people from my apartment complex to the businesses along this road are getting tired of not seeing the road lines that should be visible on the road.  The road I am talking about is Greenbrier Dear Rd, and the road looks like this today.

As you can see, just about all of the yellow and white lines on the road are fully faded away.  And Greenbrier Dear Road is a major road in the Anniston/Oxford metro that carries a lot of traffic.  People coming to my apartment complex now has trouble finding the center lane, because the yellow lines are almost gone!  And the white lines to determine the passing lanes are just about gone as well!  This is a very dangerous situation.

On close up inspection, you can see that the lines in some places are completely gone!  And most reflectors that are supposed to be on the road are gone too.  This part of Greenbrier Dear Road is not scheduled to be repaved anytime soon.  Only the part of Greenbrier going over the mountain is about the repaved. Last Summer, the city came out and repainted all the lines on the road, and in one year the lines have completely faded away.

And this is not only one part of Greenbrier Dear Road, it’s the entire road.  And Greenbrier is not only having issues with the road paint lines.  The traffic lights are also malfunctioning.  At times, the sensors at the Coleman Road light are malfunctioning.  I took video of the Greenbrier Dear Road / Coleman Road intersection today showcasing the malfunctioning sensor.

And let’s talk about the Greenbrier Dear Road / Quintard Ave. light, where the sensors have beeb malfunctioning for nearly two years now!  And during the night, some cars are running the red lights.

Come on Anniston, you are better than this.  I mean the Anniston/Oxford metro has the worst wage drop, highest unemployment spike of any metro area, and is overall the worst performing metro area, in America!  Stuff like this is not going to attract people and businesses to this area.  So if you want to change the metro area’s downfall, how about fixing your infrastructure?  Fixing Greenbrier Dear Road is a good start!

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