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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard / Greenbrier Traffic Light Still Broken


I can not believe some traffic lights here in Anniston still has some of their sensors broken.  And one of the lights with broken sensors is at Quintard Ave. and Greenbrier Dear Road.  I first profiled this light back in November 2012 where a sensor for a left turn signal is malfunctioning.  Also, a sensor to cross Quintard Ave. for Greenbrier Dear Road traffic is also malfunctioning.  Here is video of that, with a car running a red light.

Last week, I went back out and nothing has changed!  All of the malfunctioning sensors are still malfunctioning.  And some cars are still running the red lights because they don’t want to sit there for no reason.  The problem is worse when the traffic light synchronization on Quintard Ave. goes off during the late night hours.

So, is everything going to stay the same or will someone finally fix these problems?  People are running red lights because they know the light is broken.  Is it going to take someone getting killed before something is done?  I hope not!  It could be worse, when many drivers run this light when the power is out.

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