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Roadscapes Wednesday: What Cut Traffic Light Loops Does To Quintard Avenue Overnight Traffic


Last November, I profiled what ALDOT did to the traffic lights along Quintard Ave. in Anniston.  What happened, to re-construct the ramps on the sidewalks, workers had to cut into the traffic light loops, at every intersection!  The result, the traffic lights will turn on Quintard, even if no one is waiting to cross the road.  Because all of the traffic lights are screwed up, you see massive traffic jams like this during the daytime.

And you see intersections being blocked, like this one right in front of the fire department, how smart!

But, what happens to the traffic lights overnight?  Between 10 pm to around 6 am, the traffic light synchronization is off along Quintard Ave.  And that means it’s every light for itself.  Normally, you would have a green light unless someone pulled up to trigger the light to cross Quintard.  But, since all of the traffic light loops have been cut, every light turns red, after a very short green light time on Quintard.  And the red lights along Quintard are longer!

Also, the left turn signal loops have also been cut at most intersections.  That means you get to sit there through the left turn side road green light, the side road green light, and the left turn green light off of Quintard.  And when you finally get a green light, you most likely just get stopped at the next red light.

You are not supposed to see every traffic light on Quintard Avenue red at the same time, and for a very long time as well!  People are running the red lights, or taking the street next to them because they don’t want to sit there for no reason.  I mean, come on ALDOT, you should of left the traffic light synchronization on 24/7 until you repaved the road and re-installed all of those traffic light loops.  But you were lazy, and left the traffic lights like this for four months now!

I guess this is what happens when the State of Alabama is this broke?  And yes, I did record some video of this as well, enjoy!

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