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Roadscapes Wednesday: Coleman Road In Anniston


It’s time to open up the Geek Alabama Super-Duper Mailbag!  And this week I got a e-mail talking about Coleman Road in Anniston.  If you want to ask me anything e-mail me at  Toni Whaley wrote:

I found your e-mail on Geek Alabama while doing research on road issues in the Anniston area.

First let me start by saying that I have enjoyed reading the articles and have found the information to be informative.  I see from your site that you have made notes and taken many pictures regarding issues with the surrounding area roads  and traffic lights.  And it looks from your articles that you have made a point to let area leaders know of these issues so  that they can take the necessary steps to make improvements.  So, let me thank you for this on behalf of the many people in this area who travel these roads.

I see in one of your articles that you were concerned with the road paint issues on Coleman Road in Anniston.  Has anyone brought to your attention the water issues on this road when it rains?  It’s an old road and in pretty bad shape and then when you add the faded paint and a lot of rain…  Anyway, I was just curious.  I have heard of a few accidents recently on that road where any of these listed issues could have been a factor.  But the reason for my inquiry is because of the school.  My child maybe be starting courses at Gadsden State on Coleman Road this summer so I was wondering if there were other complaints that you had heard of or if you knew if there was a plan in place with the city to correct any of these issues. 

There are a lot of people that travel that road for school, work or home and since my child maybe one of them….

Anyway, just curious.  Again, I have enjoyed your site.  Have a great day.

Indeed Tony, Coleman Road between U.S. 78 and Greenbrier Dear Road is in need of new paint lines.  If you travel down the road the road paint lines are faded all the way.  And it’s fun watching cars pull out right in front of you at the college.

I do not know of any near term plans to work on Coleman Road but Anniston mayor Vaughn Stewart knows about the many road problems in the Anniston area because he does read my website.  Whenever it rains Greenbrier Dear Road develops a lot of water ponding which can cause you to lose control of your car.
So I hope something is done soon but this is Alabama and things take a long time to do.  Coleman Road is unique because part of the road is in Anniston and part of the road is in Oxford.  The road was repaved in one piece in both cities so I do not know who is responsible for repainting the road.  But Coleman Road is in desperate need of a new coat of paint!   These pictures should tell you why Coleman Road needs a repainting job.


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