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Spooksville Returns To The Hub Network This Saturday March 8th


UPDATE: Listen to the Spooksville Podcast for commentary that can played in synch with episodes as you watch them.  Keean Johnson (Adam), Katie Douglas (Sally), Nick Purcha (Watch), Morgan Taylor Campbell (Ann) and others share the challenges and behind-the-scenes hijinx they experienced while making one of the most delightfully bizarre shows on television.  Learn more and listen at:

Last Fall, I talked about a new show on the Hub Network that I really enjoyed!  And after a layover, Spooksville returns to the Hub Network this Saturday.  Just in case you forgot, or have not seen the show yet, Spooksville stars Keean Johnson, Katie Douglas, and Nick Purcha as your three main teenage characters who explore the mysteries of Springville, you think this a quiet seaside town where everyone knows each other, but you are wrong!

The new kid in town, Adam, discovers that he holds the key to a battle between good and evil that has been taking place for centuries in a bizarre small town that plays host to a wide array of supernatural and unexplained occurrences.  The series is based on the acclaimed book series by author Christopher Pike.  Here is a recap video posted on the Hub Network YouTube channel.

On the first new episode called “Shell Shock” since the mid-season finale, where we got to see Adam’s mother come back, Sally reluctantly agrees to go along with her parents to visit the exclusive Springville Yacht Club, where a teenaged boy, who is an aspiring yacht club member, disappears.  To help solve this mysterious disappearance, Sally enlists the help of Adam and Watch to investigate and they soon discovers that the Yacht club is home to Spooksville’s latest Supernatural terror – a giant mutant crab pirate, yep, you heard that right.

Along with the mid-season premiere of Spooksville, the Hub Network will premiere two movies from R.L. Stine.  R.L. Stine Mostly Ghostly will air at 2 pm Central.  And the Haunting Hour / Don’t Think will air at 7 pm Central.  And if you are concerned about the TV-PG rating of Spooksville, don’t worry!  Spooksville received the Parents’ Choice Approved Seal.  And the show is appropriate for the entire family, otherwise it would not be airing on the Hub Network!  Tune in to the mid-season premiere of Spooksville on Saturday March 8th at 5 pm Eastern / 2 pm Pacific.  Learn more about Spooksville at:

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From Karen Brelsford.

Join me as I live-tweet the premiere of Spooksville at: and @nvyoung on Twitter.  I will not be around to live-tweet the latest My Little Pony episode, but I will watch it Saturday afternoon before Spooksville!

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