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Animation Monday: Littlest Pet Shop Season 2


November is going to be a big month for the Hub Network.  You have shows like R.L. Stine: The Haunting Hour, Spooksville, and Sabrina airing new episodes.  Later in the month, you will have the season 4 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  And this Saturday, Littlest Pet Shop will have its season 2 premiere!

The first Season 2 episode titled “Missing Blythe”, will start off at fashion camp.  At the end of season 1, Blythe got the opportunity to attend summer camp far away at a university.  That meant she had to leave behind the pets at the shop.  At the beginning of the episode, you will see that Blythe set up a webcam to keep up with the pets, smart girl!  Well, this episode features a big mix up!  The pets at Littlest Pet Shop start missing Blythe, so they come up with a plan to visit her at fashion camp.  Coincidentally, Blythe also misses the Littlest Pet Shop and tries to figure out a way to return and she gets a chance when the school allows the students to go home for a few days.  Yep, this episode gets a little crazy, but at the end, you will get to see this, very sweet!

In the second episode titled “The Nest Hats Craze!”, Blythe accidentally starts a new fashion craze where everyone wears bird nests on their heads.  Blythe is attending an outdoor fashion show when the Biskit twins cause a nest to fall on Blythe’s head resulting in a new fashion craze, the “Nest Hat.”  It isn’t until Blythe returns home that she realizes the nest contains a newly hatched chick and it’s up to the pets to take care of it until Blythe can locate the chick’s mother.  While the pets take care of the bird chick, Blythe appears on multiple TV shows and is held against her will by the Biskit twins.  One, I never get how women get into these fashion crazes.  And two, this is a good episode!

Littlest Pet Shop has done well for Hasbro and the Hub Network since premiering last year.  Ratings have been good and the toy sales have been good as well.  This show is great because the animators and writers listen to the fans.  Some episodes also features a great song written by the popular Daniel Ingram.  Lots of talent from My Little Pony helps out with Littlest Pet Shop and that makes this show better!  The first season took some time to get the rhythm going, but the first two episodes of season 2 are great and things get going quickly!

Yes, I had a chance to watch the first two episodes already, and I enjoyed them!  Blythe is still that loyal, self-confidence, creative young lady that loves animals.  The pets are still playful and really loves to spend time with Blythe, and the other characters are still their same old selves from the first season.  But the Biskit twins are going to cause trouble early in season 2 and get even more evil.  Season 2 will have some catchy song and dance numbers along the way and the group will continue their adventures and even embark on a few international trips.  And Blythe is still going to love fashion!

And yes, season 3 of LPS is already in production.  Season 2 of Littlest Pet Shop premieres on Saturday November 2nd at 11 am Eastern / 8 am Pacific.  To learn more about Littlest Pet Shop, go to:

I trust that you have seen this video below featuring scenes from S2 of Littlest Pet Shop and S4 of My Little Pony?  If not, enjoy below!

Images and videos copyright from Hub Network.

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