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Animation Monday: Littlest Pet Shop Season 2 Finale


Last weekend, the Hub Network showed the finale of season two of Littlest Pet Shop, which is growing and becoming one of the top original series on the Hub Network.  The first season finale featured Blythe going away to a Summer fashion camp.  The season two finale features Blythe, our inspiring fashion designer and animal lover, going to the International Pet Fashion Expo.  While Blythe is stressing out about a photo shoot with a very famous fashion designer, the pets meet a British kitty and chaos happens at the International Pet Fashion Expo.  And yes, some crazy things happen!

In the opener, Blythe has this horrible dream and is freaking out at the pet expo.  She is running through the aisles in her pajamas, and sees her kiosk empty, this really freaks her out!  Yeah, running though a major expo in your pajamas has to freak anyone out!  Blythe then is talking to Emma, then Tres Blas, the famous fashion designer.  And she asks Blythe to be in a photo shoot with the pets in a fashion piece, cue the girl screams!  Of course, Blythe tells the pets about the good news, and then she goes to school.

During lunch and chatting with her friends, Blythe spots the Biskit Twins spying on Blythe.  And after some girl to girl talk, Blythe leaves the twins behind, while the twins plan to sabotage Blythe.  After lunch, Blythe gets another video call from Tres Blas, and she says Blythe can only feature one pet in the photo shoot.  Yep, cue the worrying from Blythe.  And I am surprised this school allows the use of smartphones with video chat!  Back at the pet shop, the pets meet Delilah, who is British accented kitty cat with hair from Donald Trump.  Yeah, I have never seen cats before with hair from a person, is that even real?  We then get to enjoy a good song, which had a mix of fashion and locations from around the world.  The song writers certainly got some ideas from songs on Top 40 radio.

After the song, Blythe is with Emma and Youngmee and they give the idea to pick a name out of the hat.  After getting the name of Russell the hedgehog, Blythe is committed to using Russell in the photo shoot.  And while that happens, the Biskit Twins walk into the shop to attempt to sabotage Blythe’s kiosk.  Thankfully Mrs. Twombly was yelling about something else she saw, and the twins left!  And Blythe is very good at animals, I loved how she gave Delilah a good back scratching!  The pets give a suggestion to re-pick, and every pet picks Russell out of the hat, yes, the hat has spoken, this almost sounds like Survivor!

We then find out what Mrs. Twombly was screaming about, and it was the plans to build a second Largest Ever Pet Shop, the place where they sell pets that comes from unknown places, and a place that drives other shops out of business.  Of course, Blythe says she will do anything possible to keep Littlest Pet Shop open.  And in the next scene, we see how bad Russell the hedgehog does during photo shoots, all while Mrs. Twombly and the pets are breathing down Blythe’s neck.  Yeah, Mrs. Twombly sounds so good when she is encouraging Blythe to save Littlest Pet Shop from certain doom, calling Blythe does not help!  Then Russell becomes clumsy and breaks everything, and when Tres Blas says Littlest Pet Shop is doomed, Blythe wakes up from another nightmare.  Too bad, that would have been a good story arc!

Yep, Blythe is running late, and she discovers that her trailer hitch is missing.  Then the Littlest Pet Shop shuttle car has a flat tire, all the work done from the Biskit Twins, who smiles and laughs like evil villains while hiding behind a car across the street.  When the second episode starts, Blythe is freaking out and going through the trash while Mrs. Twombly uses some old parts and a blow torch to weld a new trailer hitch.  I am glad to see Mrs. Twombly doing anything possible to encourage Blythe to make it to the expo and to not freak out, like most teenage girls do when something bad happens.

The second song has the animals trying to calm down Blythe and encouraging Blythe that she can do anything, while the pets are setting up Blythe’s kiosk.  I liked all of the flashback clips from the show during the second season!  I also liked how the pets encouraged Russell the hedgehog to be confident during the photo shoot.  And when Blythe and Russell goes to see Tres Blas, here comes those evil Biskit Twins trying to ruin the day once again.  During the photo shoot, Russell is doing very well, and the rest of the pets are inside the kiosk, except for two of them.  Then the Biskit Twins takes the kiosk and starts to push it away.  Then Tres Blas calls Blythe, and wonders where she is, because she is with the wrong photographer.  

The Biskit Twins lock Blythe’s kiosk in a storage locker, and Blythe loses out to Tres Blas’s photographer appointment, thanks to the Biskit Twins.  Sunil and Vinnie are out walking around, and they find Delilah.  And at the same time, Blythe and Russell finds that the kiosk is missing, a good time for a commercial break!  After the break, Russell sees some clues and meets up with Blythe’s friends.  And Sunil and Vinnie somehow talks through the speaker system to tell Blythe where her kiosk is at, except the kiosk is not there.  Yeah, the Biskit Twins claim that the fashions from Blythe are there’s.  And sadly, Tres Blas believes that Blythe’s fashions are actually the Biskit’s fashions.  

Thankfully, everything comes around and corrects itself, and Blythe gets her kiosk back, while the monkey attacks the Biskit Twins.  And who was that photographer, it was the Biskit’s butler.  Blythe is awarded best in show, and Blythe’s father goes nuts!  At the end, all of the pets gets to participate in a fashion show.  The Biskit’s former butler is the photographer, and the pets along with Blythe gets on the front cover of Tres Blas Magazine.  It was a good way to end season two!  Now, what did I think of the episodes? For starters, the songs were good for a season finale.  The storytelling was good, and I thought this was a better season finale than the season one finale.

So, we all know that season three of Littlest Pet Shop is coming soon.  And Blythe is going to be very famous in season three thanks to the magazine cover.  Season three will hopefully have some input from the fans.  Because season two was done while season one was still airing, no input from the fans was in the second season.  Overall, I thought season two was better than season one in the storytelling, character development, and in the music.  And I look forward to seeing what season three brings to Littlest Pet Shop!  Next up is the Season four finale of MLP:FIM, and yes I will talk about that here on Geek Alabama!

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