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Animation Monday: Thoughts On Summer 2014 Cartoons


On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am catching up by briefly recapping some cartoons I like!  Some cartoons have premiered a new season while other cartoons wrapped up their season, let’s go!

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

In late July, Disney Channel premiered Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars.  And after watching it, I thought the creators and animators did a wonderful job!  The crossover special mirrored the events in the movie Star Wars IV: A New Hope, and if the crossover was any indication, if Phineas and Ferb were not a part of Star Wars, the Death Star would have been completed and havoc would have happened!  And I felt bad for Candace, if the leaders of the Rebels would have listened to her, things would have been different!

I also loved some of the background stuff, like the action that saved the Star Wars cast in the garbage compactor, and seeing Ferb as an evil person was perfect!  The music and comedy was great in this special, and I enjoyed that kiss at the end between Phineas and Isabella, too bad in the real cartoon world that has happened once but their minds were erased!  This special would not have been possible without Disney buying Lucasfilm, thanks Disney for this great special!

Gravity Falls Season 2

Also, Disney Channel has premiered Gravity Falls season 2, and I thought it was about time!  So far, three new episodes have aired and I thought each one was done very well.  The season premiere featured Stan trying to unlock the mysteries of Gravity Falls with a portal.  And there were zombies, who were taken down with the help of karaoke.  The second episode finally ended that almost love relationship between Dipper and Wendy.  And the third episode shown all of us that there are creatures living inside the attractions at a mini golf course.

So far, I think Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons on TV for kids and adults, and the first three episodes of season two have been great.  There will be two new episodes premiering in September, I wish Disney would speed up the premieres, I guess they space them out to extend the seasons for way too long!  Anyways, if you have not checked out Gravity Falls yet, check it out!

The Legend Of Korra Book 3 Finale

Also, book 3 of The Legend of Korra was shown, online.  You see, Nickelodeon cancelled The Legend of Korra from TV, and only debuted the new episodes online only.  Nick said the ratings for online viewing were off the charts, while the ratings on TV were not good.  But in my opinion, the reasons why the ratings on TV were bad, is because the new episodes premiered on Friday night, and there were no repeat airings as well!  I hope Nick will again air new episodes on TV, but I guess it’s online only from now on.

Anyways, the final episode of Book 3 featured Korra almost being killed when poison was absorbed into her body to force her into the avatar state which would kill her, and end the cycle of the Avatar’s rebirth.  Thankfully, the Red Lotus is defeated and the poison is taken out of Korra.  But the poison left Korra in a very weak state, the end of the episode featured Korra in a wheelchair and very weak.  This would be a good time to take out the avatar.  Anyways, the action and animation was amazing, too bad it’s not being shown on TV.

Littlest Pet Shop Reveal

Since Geek Alabama is a part of the Hub Network media family, let’s talk about the season 3 mid season break, where Blythe revealed her secret to her best friend Youngmee.  The episode called The Secret Recipe featured pet treats that were not so good, a great song, a parody of Shark Tank called The Bear Cave, where the investors are dressed in bear suits, and a great flashback where Youngmee was connecting Blythe’s secret.  The moral was perfect which is being honest with your friends, and LPS went out on a high note.

I am glad to see LPS break out of the status quo, and try something new for a change.  This will be the last new episode of Littlest Pet Shop until MLP:FIM comes back for season 5.  So the question is, does Hub Network have any plans to air some new cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Is Sabrina coming back for a new season, or will the network acquire something new?  I guess we will see!

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