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Sunday Discussion: Censoring Animation Domination High Def


This edition of Sunday Discussion on a Monday is going to talk about censoring on local Alabama TV.  In the past, some local TV stations in Alabama have censored certain episodes of TV programs just because they didn’t agree with the content.  Other times, a portion of a news program talking about a political figure in Alabama have also gone dark.  The FCC has had to investigate several TV stations in Alabama for censoring certain news stories and TV episodes just because they didn’t agree with the content.  In my opinion, it’s wrong to censor anything!  Now, TV censoring is happening again in Alabama.

FOX launched a new cartoon block called Animation Domination High Def a couple of weeks ago.  The local FOX affiliate in central Alabama, FOX 6 WBRC, did show the sneak preview on Sunday night and the first week’s block on late Saturday night.  Then, they quit showing ADHD.  The last two weeks, they have shown the video program Right This Minute which is a good show I like, but I want to see some cartoons!  Apparently, this FOX station is not the only one censoring ADHD.  Several other people have commented on the Animation Domination High Def Facebook page that they are not seeing Axe Cop or High School USA as well.  On my TV Guide, it does show that High School USA should be airing, but instead I get to see a bear stealing a garbage dumpster.

Last Saturday night, FOX aired some previews for their new Fall shows, and FOX 6 did air that.

At midnight, they aired TMZ like they do every Saturday night.

After reading the comments and doing a little research, I think I have nailed down what’s going on.  The people commenting saying that they can not see ADHD are watching FOX stations owned by Raycom Media.  It looks like someone called in to complain about these adult cartoons and some right leaning person inside Raycom Media told all of their FOX stations to pull Animation Domination High Def.  If the folks from ADHD and FOX wants to convince Raycom Media to bring back these shows, good luck.  Raycom Media is owned by the Retirement Systems of Alabama, which influences members of the Alabama Legislature which is dominated by right leaning Republicans.

Yep, ADHD is going to have to convince people who are right leaning to quit censoring their TV shows.  Sure, Axe Cop and High School USA are both rated TV-MA.  But they are only shown on late Saturday night.  If someone from Raycom Media is offended by these shows, why not show them at 1 am early Sunday morning?  I don’t think the FOX Broadcasting Network is happy seeing Raycom Media censoring their shows.  If the FOX stations air Family Guy every Sunday night, then Axe Cop and High School USA should be no different.  When MAD TV was airing, FOX 6 would do news at 10 pm, then air MAD TV from 10:30 to 11:30 pm.  They were showing ADHD starting at 10:30 pm, but that quit happening after the first week.

From FOX.

If someone from Raycom Media is reading this post, then I got something to say to you.  Quit censoring Animation Domination High Def!  If you don’t like the programming, then maybe you need to consider changing the FOX stations over to other networks.  Or, let another affiliate in the same market show these shows.  For now, I will have to watch Axe Cop and High School USA online.  Hopefully, the Raycom Media owned FOX stations will get out of the 1960’s and start showing Animation Domination High Def again.

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