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TV Review: Almost Human on FOX


There’s a new show on FOX that aims at the nerd and geek crowd.  Almost Human is your average cop drama on FOX but there is a big difference.  The series is set thirty-five years in the future in 2048 when humans in the Los Angeles Police Department are paired up with lifelike androids.  Every police officer is paired with an android or robot which all look the same.  These robots are programmed to sense danger, reasoning, and even another person’s health.  In the pilot, when one of the android’s senses problems with detective John Kennex, that android is pushed out of the car.

John Kennex, played by Karl Urban, hates robot partners.  But the police department won’t budge on their robot/android policy.  So he is then paired with another android named Dorian, who is played by Michael Ealy.  During the pilot, it took some time for the two to work well together until Dorian saved John’s life.  John and Dorian work well on the TV screen.  It seems like the producers really took their time in picking the right people for the roles.  Remember, this is 2048, and everything is all high-tech and high-crime.  Terrorists have involved into the high-tech crime market and they use bombs and computer viruses  to disable all of the police androids.

John is back on the force two years after getting blown up by gangsters known as The Syndicate.  He’s got a mechanical leg that he struggles with, the leg does not want to work with John.  And now, John has Dorian, who is programmed with emotions and attitude. Urban and Ealy quickly develop a chemistry and it will be interesting to see how their relationship between them develops over the series.  The other characters on the series like Valerie Stahl, Rudy Lom, Richard Paul, and Captain Sandra Maldonado are interesting to watch as well.  These characters know the struggles with John and they are really hoping that John and Dorian will keep working together.

One part of the show that will always be talked about is the lost girlfriend that John deals with.  John really wants to know what happened to his former girlfriend.  Why would he be in that wacky black market machine to try to stimulate his brain.  I am guessing we will see some aspects of the lost girlfriend throughout this series.  Another part of this series which is great is the solid acting, great visual effects, and the promising story.  I hope future episodes will explore the relationship between John and Dorian and not worry about what The Syndicate and what they are up too.  The show has great action, humor, and a good sci-fi storyline.  The show combines the realism of cops and criminals with ideas from today, with technology you wouldn’t always think about from the future.

My only concern is the ratings, the first two episodes had good ratings, but the ratings fell for the third episode to around six million viewers, which made FOX the fourth rated broadcast network for Monday night.  If ratings keep falling, Almost Human might not be around for much longer, and that would be a shame.  People, give Almost Human a shot on Monday nights.  The series is created by J. H. Wyman for Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television.  Wyman, Bryan Burk and J. J. Abrams are executive producers.

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