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Animation Monday: Golan The Insatiable


This week on Animation Monday on a Tuesday, let’s talk about a new cartoon on FOX that was pretty much re-written, has a new voice cast, and has the same characters from the first season.  Golan The Insatiable is in its second season on FOX, and I have seen season one, and I have watched the first episodes of season two, and I can tell you that there is a big difference between the two seasons!

Golan the Insatiable is an American animated television series airing on FOX that is created by Josh Miller and developed by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein.  It is based on stories written by Miller that appeared on the website Something Awful.  The show is about Golan the Insatiable, who is a demigod warlord who reigned the dimension of Gkruool with an iron fist before he ends up whisked to Earth.

Golan ended up in the town of Oak Grove, Minnesota and lived with the Beekler Family.  This family has a very interesting 10-year-old girl named Dylan Beekler, who likes everything evil and goth style.  I guess she loves Hell?  Anyways, the first season featured Golan learning about Earth’s customs while causing havoc in Oak Grove as he plots to return to his world and reclaim his throne.  This was season one, the second season has an entirely different story line!

In season two, it is retold as Golan the Insatiable being summoned to Earth by Dylan Beekler and he stays with her after finding out that his acolyte Kruung has overthrown him.  And let’s get this out there, Kruung looks like a weird green alien.  The second season will feature Golan learning about Earth’s customs and causing plenty of havoc in Oak Grove.  And this town does have that distinctive Minnesota accent!  But in this season, Golan plans to build up his power so that he can return to Gkruool and get revenge on Kruung.  Got that?

So, I think season two is much better than season one, which I thought was more like an adult cartoon mess.  In season two, the episodes so far have featured a lot of plots in each episode.  The comedy is so-so, I thought some of the jokes were a little off.  The animation is kind of like an Adult Swim type of animation.  And as for the characters, well you can tell that Dylan is not a normal kid. If any family had a kid like Dylan, she would be in some special mental institution already.

I can feel that Dylan might be a Aspie.  Since she is very different and has trouble communicating with other kids, she thinks that Golan is her BFF.  Boy, the mother pretty much lets Dylan do what she wants!  The first episode was so weird, that the town was wanting to rescue Golan, but he also has a heart.  Because Dylan was about to die in that fire truck going over a cliff.  And I liked how this magical book pretty much killed off Dylan’s classmates, it was interesting!

The second episode saw Dylan and Golan wanting Winter to stay in Oak Grove forever.  We saw that the pair are really big spoiled kids that needs some tough love, don’t you think?  We also saw that Dylan does not like her mother, if I was the mother I would have punished Dylan a long time ago!  Dylan also become paralyzed, and she supported seeing more people being killed, righteous!  Let’s just say that Spring came to Oak Grove!

So, I think the show is good.  But it could be better.  No doubt, the second season is much improved from season one, but the show could use some better laughs and story lines.  Thankfully, the show is something new to watch this Summer!

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