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Animation Monday: Axe Cop / High School USA


Over the weekend, FOX premiered Axe Cop and High School USA as part of their new Animation Domination High Def block.  And yes, I did watch both of the premieres!  I liked the beginning where it featured some animated features from the events of the last week.  Yep, Catnado is going to get popular!  Let’s first talk about Axe Cop.

Axe Cop

Axe Cop sounds like what you think it is.  This cartoon features the titular Axe Cop (who requires only two minutes sleep and a diet of birthday cake) and his partner, Flute Cop, as they fight crime.  The office for Axe Cop features a huge amount of hatchets which he uses to chop the heads off of the bad guys.  Axe Cop goes on a night mission and encounters Warthog Man who is crying because his friends are gone.

Axe Cop has a short tempter, which he shows when he runs over a car to jump a huge ramp!  You then get to encounter a talking dog and another superhero.  One crazy backstory, how can little chickens turn into war machines during the Great Chicken Head War?  After picking up a dinosaur horn, Axe Cop breaks into a scientist lab full of aliens, and we get to witness a head being chopped off!  Axe Cop and the guys then encounter the King of All Bad Guys.  They go inside his head to the brain but get trapped.  Then a guy with a lion’s head and a cheetah’s brain appears.

Axe Cop uses a dinosaur horn to summon dinosaurs to Earth to eat the brain of the King of All Bad Guys.  When Axe Cop and friends land in the stomach bile, they encounter other people.  Then they have to escape, and it’s not through the mouth.  Axe Cop then has dinner with Flute Cop in the middle of the night.  Yep, this was a weird story like you see on Adult Swim.

High School USA

In this show, it starts off at High School USA.  The animation style is just like what you see in the Archie Comics.  Apparently, using puppies can quiet down teenagers!  The teens are in the gym for a bully conference and then a dance is announced, this makes the teens pay attention!  At a diner, some girls kiss each other and Brad is worried that he is a bully, then he punches walls at his home.  Brad gets a text message to meet someone at the corner of WedgieLand and SwirlyBrook, yes there is such a thing!

Brad encounters a cyber bully, then walks into AntagoNerds, the ultimate bully paradise!  This place is where bullies can be bullies, and brad takes advantage of it, while being recorded by a phone camera.  Back at the high school, everyone is looking at Brad’s bully video, which gets him kicked out of the dance.  At Marsh’s home, his father tells him that bullies are a cornerstone of society, right?  At Brad’s house, we see an overweight women on the couch and she actually gets up to answer the door.  It’s a miracle!  Sadly, Brad’s mother is a bully to him as well.

Brad gets into the dance to perform some music.  The Original Band cancelled and a new band takes their place, while Brad is booed by the crowd.  After a short speech, the band gets to perform.  Both shows had their interesting humor and they are definitely aimed at the teenager and young adult crowd.  Some critics are already panning ADHD because it’s a cheap alternative to Adult Swim.  But I liked both shows, and if ADHD succeeds against Adult Swim and Saturday Night Live, it will open the door to other animators.  Let’s hope that happens!  By the way, you need to watch some of the funny short animations on the Animation Domination High Def YouTube channel, just like this one!

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