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My Thoughts On The America’s Got Talent, MasterChef, And Big Brother 2017 Finales


Last night, the TV Gods thought it would be fun to air the season finales of America’s Got Talent, MasterChef, and Big Brother, all at the same time and on the same night!  I mean, sure social media blew up with people talking about all three shows, but it was hard to commit to one show, and record the other two.  Maybe next year, spread out the finales!  Anyways, AGT won the ratings battle by a wide margin, let’s talk about them first!

America’s Got Talent Finale

Last night, the AGT final was the most watched since 2010, and it was well deserved!  The final ten acts all brought it, and after over 50 million votes cast, the winner was Darci Lynne Farmer!  The young girl ventriloquist was really good from the auditions to the final act.  I mean, how can she manage a puppet, come up with good lines, and sing with her mouth closed, she is really good talent!  Like Simon Cowell said, I do think Darci and her puppets are coming to TV somewhere.  She will be really good at it too!

Darci was not my only favorite act in the final 10.  I also really liked Mandy Harvey, a singer who is deaf.  Yes, she can sing really good but can’t hear anything.  As I have a disability too, Mandy showed everyone that anyone with a disability can live their dreams.  She has a great singing career ahead of her!

Another act I liked was Sara and Hero, also known as The Super Collies.  I love dogs, and this dog act was amazing.  And they almost did not make it past the auditions, thank you Simon Cowell for saving them!  Glad they made the top 5, and I hope they don’t live out of a car anymore!

I also liked Preacher Lawson this season.  He did some really good stand-up on AGT and I can’t believe he has not gotten his break yet.  That will be changing soon I hope, hope to see him on the stage, or on TV soon!

The dance groups Light Balance and Diavolo were also amazing during this season.  Many are hoping both groups will soon have shows in Las Vegas, many would pay to see them there!

The young singers Angelica Hale, Chase Goehring, and Evie Clair all had amazing performances this season.  Yep, Angelica got second place but has a great career ahead of her.  Chase will probably soon be on the radio, and Evie has a great career ahead of her too!

And there was Kechi, her amazing story along with her singing talent was wonderful to watch this season.  Even if you have something horrible happen to you in your life, don’t give up!  Great job Kechi!

The one thing I did not like was the finale was rushed.  Maybe next season instead of having a final ten, have a final five instead!

MasterChef Finale

This was a great season of MasterChef, I just wished more people would watch it!  Putting it at the same time as Big Brother and the America’s Got Talent results on Wednesday night has hurt the show ratings wise.  I would hope that FOX would move the show to a different night or a different time.  Anyways, Aarón Sánchez was a tough judge this season, and along with Gordon Ramsey and Christina Tosi, the contestants faced some really tough challenges this season.

The final three were Eboni Henry, Jason Wang, and Dino Luciano.  I loved the longer two-hour finale of MasterChef this year as it showed more time for the cooking and the judging too.  After a tough three course final battle, the winner was Dino!

Congrats Dino!  I hope Eboni and Jason have good futures after MasterChef.  Being a foodie, I would love one day to be on MasterChef!

Big Brother Finale

Ah, Big Brother.  At the beginning of this season, many had hopes the season would feature players actually wanting to play the game.  Instead, the producers brought back a veteran, bent over to protect him for the first part of the game, and the other houseguests became numb clueless robots while the one veteran ran the entire game.  The season became a joke, many on social media complained about how this season was ruined, and many just plain gave up!  This season had potential, but because the show brought in a veteran, the show went downhill.

Hey people who run Big Brother.  Do us all a big favor, next season bring NO VETERANS BACK!  We all want people who never played the game before, it keeps those interested in the game, people on social media will talk about actual good things that happen on the show, and maybe you will get higher ratings!  And how about coming up with better twists, and not bend over to one player you really like, we would all appreciate that!  I and many others would love to see a great season of Big Brother again!

So the final three were Paul, Josh, and Christmas.  Josh won the final HOH, took Paul to the final two, and I loved how the jury grilled Paul.  The final results, Josh won 5-4 with Cody deciding the final vote!  This made many on social media extremely happy seeing the losing reaction from Paul.

To add the icing on the cake, Cody won America’s Favorite Houseguest!

This Winter we will get the first Celebrity Big Brother, no veterans please!  As for the normal show, I hope next Summer is much improved than this Summer, because in the eyes of many, this Summer was a huge letdown!

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