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Check Out This Amazing Drone Video Of The Pell City Smokestack Demolition


Wow!  This guy in the bulldozer is lucky to be alive!  This week, an over 100-year-old smokestack belonging to the former Avondale Mills in Pell City came down, in a very different way than planned.  This 2.6 million pound late 1800’s smokestack did not come down after two TNT explosions.  So a heavy equipment Komatsu excavator was brought in to finish the job.

As you can see in the video below from the YouTube channel Kevin Henderson and SkyBama, the smokestack fell right on top of the excavator.  Fortunately it did not land on top of the driver, or this story could have turned out a lot worse!  The driver was fine.  But enjoy this dramatic video below!

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