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Newt Gingrich in Alabama


Newt Gingrich made a appearance in Pell City on Wednesday.  The crowd inside the Pell City Civic Center was huge and at standing room only.  Newt Gingrich talked about two big issues during his speech.  One was gas prices and the other was about Obama.

Yes the local media was here.

Callista Louise Gingrich coming out.

Here he comes.

Newt Gingrich started by saying Obama is living in a liberal fantasy world.  He also said Obama wants us to pay $8-10 a gallon for gas like people do in Europe.  He would like to debate Obama at any gas station and believes that Obama pitching algae would be a great SNL skit.  And Obama’s 9-9-9 plan would be $9.99 for a gallon of gas.

Gingrich wants to allow more drilling and biofuels to help lower the cost of a gallon of gas to around $2.50 a gallon.  He criticized the liberal news media and told the crowd he never wants to see an American president bow to a Saudi king ever again.  He told the crowd if Iran blocked oil shipments it would be an act of war.  He also said when America got to be energy independent he would tell the Europeans, Chinese, and Indians you have a energy problem.  And that Obama is anti oil; natural gas; coal; and gasoline.

He also told the crowd that America has a national security problem.  That the Muslim Brotherhood; Pakistan; and apologizing to the Middle East is bad for America.  America is sending around a trillion dollars overseas each year for energy.  And America needs to be energy independent.  A example was North Dakota which has a 3.5% unemployment rate.  And it has trouble finding workers and also has a huge budget surplus.  Gingrich wants to defeat Obama for the future of America.

Gingrich wants to fix laws; judges; and bureaucracies.  He wants Congress to repeal Obamacare and the Dood-Frank bill.  And he also wants to lessen government regulations.  If Gingrich is elected he would abolish the White House czars; approve the Keystone Pipeline; and move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on day one.  He would be a team player and change Washington.  While Romney and Santorum would play the same Washington game.  He encouraged his supporters to go on Facebook and Twitter and say; Newt = $2.50 gas.

Here he comes!

Memory for a lifetime.

Off he goes.

Remember people in Alabama and Mississippi.  Go vote on Tuesday March 13th!

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