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Let It Rain, Let It Rain, That Is All We Mostly Got In Anniston


I am seriously thinking about making my own “Let It Snow” parody called “Let It Rain”, because here in the Golden Springs area of Anniston, that is all we mostly got.  The rain kept on falling and falling, and even at 8 pm it was still raining.  Around 2 pm we saw a brief changeover to sleet and a little snow, but that even turned back to rain too.

Around 9 pm, it finally turned to snow.  But it only lasted for 15 minutes and it gave the ground a dusting.  The snow on the ground quickly melted away.  What a bummer!

This morning, while meteorologists like James Spann are sharing beautiful snow pictures, I get to see a cold wet grass.  It’s painful seeing those beautiful snow pictures where here I got a big fat bust.  The big fat lady was singing loudly here!

It’s not all that bad in Calhoun County, in the northern part they got about six inches.  Here is the total snow map from NWS Birmingham.

So, to combat those beautiful snow pictures on social media, and to make me feel better being rejected from even mother nature, here are some of my top snow pictures I have taken over the past few years, enjoy!

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