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The February 12th Snow Bust In Anniston


Yep, most of North Alabama has seen some great snow totals, except for the Anniston area.  To our east, ice buildup has been the big story.

To our north, Gadsden is getting good snow totals.

And to our west, Birmingham got a great amount of snow tonight.

Even to our south, Mt. Cheaha looks like a winter wonderland.

And yes, many people are sending great pictures to James Spann.

But here in Anniston, it has been a bust!  Everyone was predicting around 2-5 inches, and I only have a dusting.  Even on this call map I made on Monday, most of the areas highlighted got their snow and/or ice amounts and more!  The only area that failed on the map was Anniston.

Oh well.  Here is a few photos and a video of the short amount of snow that fell in Anniston tonight.  Maybe this area will get one more snow event before the season wraps up, to make up for this lackluster event!

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