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Weather Alert: My Thoughts About The January 29, 2019 Alabama Snow Event


The first winter weather event for Alabama in 2019 is upon us!  On early Tuesday morning, a band of rain changing to all snow will move from northwest to southeast across Alabama. The National Weather Service has issued their warnings and advisories for the event.

And for at least where I live here in Anniston, I really do not agree with the call.  As we all remember, five years ago today was snowmageddon.  We were only placed under a winter weather advisory, and when everything went downhill, was only when we were placed under a winter storm warning.  In other words, it was too late.  I do not expect a repeat of that horrible day, but this is only going to give some a false sense of security and some might think “oh look, nothing bad is going to happen.”  Yeah, until the roads ice over.

Now, when the snow is falling, temps will drop fast.  We will likely go below freezing when the snow is falling, and that will cause problems on our roads and bridges.  We might get a slight chance to go back above freezing during the afternoon to melt the ice and snow a little bit, but the temps will drop back below freezing when the sun is setting.  It will be super cold Wednesday morning, and I believe there will be plenty of ice and moisture left on our roads and bridges to cause problems.  The main highways will be better, but all the secondary roads, especially those in shaded areas, will have a ton of ice and snow on them.

Everyone will only see a few inches of snow.  I think someone might get up to 4-5 inches.  But the average will be around 1-3 inches.  Some people might not get much snow at all, while others could get around 5 inches.  That’s how it works here in Alabama during snow events.  My advice, plan on staying home on Tuesday.  I am sure many schools and businesses will be closed on Tuesday anyways.  Yeah, one inch of snow can close down a lot of places around here.  We are not in the north, where they have they equipment to deal with winter weather.

There will be no problems with power, as there will not be enough snow to cause any trees to fall.  Just enjoy a snow day on Tuesday, let your kids play in the snow, and sit in front of some heat and enjoy some hot chocolate.  By midday Wednesday, most of the snow and ice should be gone from the roads, except on a few secondary roads.  Yep, Alabama is fixin’ to be closed.

And before I wrap this post up, don’t make fun of us for only a few inches of snow, the people up north can’t deal with the Summer heat anyways!

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