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Go Inside The 4th Dimension From WTVY-TV Today


As you should know by now, Geek Alabama likes to talk about some of the biggest geeky and nerdy stories out there!  And, there is also a TV station in Alabama who loves to talk about plenty of geeky and nerdy stories as well!  And now, they launched a new section on their website where it will have plenty of stores the tech savvy people will want to read!

WTVY-TV (CBS 4) in Dothan has launched the 4th Dimension.  This special section is about “entertainment beyond the bounds”, and you will find stories about animation, science fiction, comics, video games, and more!  For example, here is a screenshot from Sunday afternoon I took.  They have stories about Nicole Oliver’s birthday, a video game history post about MLB Baseball 2005 being released, a story about The Price Is Right game Freeze Frame debuting, a story about a certain My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode coming out, and a TV history post about an episode of Batman Beyond.

There’s a lot more in this section, and the section is updated daily!  If you want some more geeky and nerdy news other than what you find on Geek Alabama, bookmark the 4th Dimension today!  Go to the 4th Dimension at:

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