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Enter Your Pony Art In The News 4 This Morning Pony Art Contest


I love that Alabama TV stations talk about the geek/nerd culture.  One station that talks about our culture every morning is CBS 4 or WTVY-TV out of Dothan.  You would think a TV station out of Huntsville would be the leader in geek/nerd talk, but it’s a TV station out of Dothan!

During WTVY 4 News This Morning, you get to see the entertainment report.  And often, this report is filled with many geeky and nerdy stories.  They have talked about everything from Power Rangers, Nintendo, Star Trek, comic books, video games, and the most popular thing they talk about?  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  Now, WTVY-TV is running a cool contest for the artists that makes art related to the show.

News 4 This Morning wants your fan art based around the morning show and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to mark the upcoming anniversary of the premiere of the hit animated series.  With the popularity of fan created artwork in the community for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they’re holding an art contest!  Many Bronies, teenage and adult fans of the show, have created numerous pieces of artwork across various mediums—from paintings to computer-created drawings and even full-fledged animations, and more.  For example, here is some pony art created by Nathan Barlow for the TV station.

Pony artwork.

Those who wish to participate can use that one, or whatever else comes to your imagination.  The sky’s the limit for what the artwork can be as far as medium, other characters, etc. but it must be clean and appropriate for all audiences, or it will deleted and ignored.  Submissions will be accepted from anywhere in the world through Wednesday, October 9th and aired on Thursday, October 10th, the third anniversary of the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the third anniversary of the launch of the Hub TV Network.

All artwork can be sent to their Facebook page at  Or through their Twitter @WTVYThisMorning.  You can also e-mail your artwork to their producer at  To learn more about this contest, go to:

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