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Celebrating National Creativity Month With WTVY-TV and Nathan Young


Geek Alabama is friends with many media sources in Alabama and Georgia, and at times, I do share some great stuff that I find from them!  The folks from WTVY-TV CBS 4 down in Dothan have been celebrating National Creativity Month!  One contest they held allowed people to create original artwork of their morning show anchors Demetria McClenton, Paul Stockman, and meteorologist Chris Havely.  Here are three pieces of artwork from fans, to view the rest, click on the links and watch the videos!

And now, for the ones who create fanart from the popular cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, WTVY-TV is accepting artwork through January 30th.  And this time, WTVY is also accepting music created by fans!  The TV station is looking for a “Pony News” banner for their broadcast and webpage. This would be displayed on air and online with their news updates on the series and its fans.  To learn more about this contest and to submit artwork and music, go to:–Music–Banner-Art-240251611.html

And yes, I have been pretty creative this month!  First off, I have updated my visual resume with some new stuff!  Because being unemployed for over 30 months in Northeast Alabama, which is slowly decaying, is not fun.  The visual resume, which I uploaded last November, has nearly 4,500 views now!  View it below!

Over the last week, I re-imagined my visual resume and made an infographic based off the visual resume.  This infographic takes my visual resume and what I do and turns it into a board game!  And you can play right along, enjoy it below!

I have also been busy with my road drawings!  Here are a couple of my latest road drawings!  To see how I create these drawings, click on the link!

And can you believe my Alexa website rankings actually beat many media sites in Alabama and the country including newspapers and TV stations.  I know, one person who writes and takes all pictures and video is beating organizations with a fully paid staff of writers and photographers, I love what I do!  Now would someone out there hire me or make available funds so I can make money off of this blog.  Rankings as of January 20th.

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