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Animation Monday: Why My Little Pony And Gravity Falls Needs A Christmas Special



When I watch my favorite cartoons, I always look forward to the special Christmas episode!  To me, the Christmas episode is a step away from the usual plots and storylines in a cartoon, and it gives a chance for the writers and animators to try something different!  For example, Futurama gave us an evil robot Santa Claus, genius!

And Family Guy gave us a heartwarming story with Brian and Stewie at the North Pole and saving Christmas.

And Phineas and Ferb gave us one of the top Christmas specials I have seen in a long time!

But, there are two cartoons that are currently making new episodes that have failed to deliver a Christmas special, and it’s a shame!  Because every cartoon needs a Christmas special before it’s run is complete!  So, which two cartoons I am talking about, read on!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

The closest My Little Pony has come to a Christmas special was the season one episode Hearth’s Warming Eve where the ponies put on a play showing the viewers how Equestria was formed during the Hearth’s Warming Eve holiday.  But that is it!  We have gone through four seasons without a serious Christmas episode, and given what is going on with Hasbro and Discovery, I wonder if we will ever see a Christmas episode, and if season five of MLP:FIM will be the last.

If one of the season five episodes does not feature a Christmas episode, I hope there will be one in season six, or as a special stand alone episode.  And there are plenty of things the writers and animators can do with a My Little Pony Christmas special.  With all of the villains, magic, creatures, and friendship in Equestria, if done right, the My Little Pony Christmas special can become one of the top Christmas cartoon specials ever!  But it needs to me made first!

Gravity Falls

Yep, this other popular cartoon needs a Christmas special!  I thought it was required that every Disney show must have a Christmas themed episode?  Every other cartoon/show has had several Christmas episodes, but Gravity Falls has not had a Christmas special, yet!  And before Gravity Falls wraps up its short run, it would be a huge favor from the fans to do a Christmas episode!

Imagine, Mabel can wear an ugly Christmas sweater, Dipper can wear a Christmas themed hat, and the other characters can dress up the Mystery Shack for Christmas, and something weird in Gravity Falls can come to try to ruin Christmas, and it would be up to Dipper and Mabel to save Christmas.  I hope before Gravity Falls is done that we will see a Christmas special!

So, my question to you is this, what is your favorite animated Christmas special or episode?  Leave a comment below!

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