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The Attack on DHX Media Over Equestria Girls



UPDATE: Here is my review of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

You know, when I have to talk about some Bronies attacking the company that animates My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, you wonder where this world is coming too.  Since Hasbro announced Equestria Girls, it has caused another huge rift in the Brony community.  Some MLP adult fans feels like Hasbro is trying to sell some toys and that Equestria Girls does not fit into the My Little Pony universe.  By the way, here is the trailer to Equestria Girls.

Some MLP fans have gone so far as to attack DHX Media.  DHX was formed after a merger of Halifax Film Company and Decode Entertainment.  The DHX animation studios in Vancouver Canada makes My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and other shows on The Hub.  They are the ones that made Equestria Girls.   And with this fact in mind, some people have sent hate mail to the animators.  These animators have worked very hard making some high quality shows that many people enjoy!  And of course, they enjoy seeing great comments and praise for their work.  But when they start seeing hate mail and bad messages because of something Hasbro decided to do, that goes over the line my friends.

The Brony community has a very tight connection between the fans and the animators up at DHX Media.  These animators often work long nights and weekends to bring the fans some highly praised work.  The animators love what they do and I am sure they really love their jobs!  Everyone should give props to the animators not only at DHX Media, but all other animation studios around the world.  It takes a really long time to animate a cartoon we see on TV.  And if these animators did not have the spark to keep going, we would not be seeing any cartoons on TV.  This is a major reason why I do Animation Monday on the Geek Alabama blog.  I love talking about the craft many people enjoy doing and watching today, and that’s animation.

So, here is where the controversy comes in.  Ever since Hasbro announced Equestria Girls and that DHX Media was making the movie.  Some attacks have been made on the competency, the commitment, and ability of the staff to pull of Equestria Girls. This wave of negativity, and waiting on people’s reactions, has apparently gotten more than a few members of DHX disheartened and possibly considering leaving their jobs.  That’s right, some animators are threatening to quit because of the angry e-mails and even death threats they are getting from some people.  I just can not quit laughing about this right now!

Look, we should be happy that we have many talented animators working on highly praised shows like My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, The Legend of Korra, and many other animated shows.  I believe we are in an animation renaissance right now!  We should be proud that we are seeing many quality animated shows on TV.  What’s going on with some grown adults attacking animators because of something they don’t agree with is horrible.  People should be proud of all animators because for one, the animators at DHX Media have gotten many adults to watch a show aimed at little girls.  And two, all animated shows are written and directed by some highly respected people.  This is why animation is hot right now!

In fact, DHX Media is responsible for some really great animated shows like The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Arthur on PBS, Bump In The Night, George of the Jungle, Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff, Johnny Test, and many more shows!  One of the newest shows from DHX Media called SheZow is coming to The Hub on June 1st.  Here’s a preview.

Animation is a great craft for anyone to master.  It does not matter if you animate a comic book, TV show, movie, or just something for your own personal enjoyment.  We all should be happy to see some great, high quality animation!  No one should be sending hate mail or threatening any animators because of something they don’t like.  That is way too immature!  Now for Equestria Girls, I will eventually see it and review it on Geek Alabama later this summer.  Meghan McCarthy has written Equestria Girls and Daniel Ingram has already said the music in Equestria Girls will be great.  I always enjoy watching a good quality animated show especially on Saturday mornings.  Yes, I enjoy watching cartoons on Saturday morning!  I am sure many adults does this as well!

Give Equestria Girls a chance this Summer.  You should never make conclusions on something you have never seen yet.  I will review this movie once the DVD comes out in August.  No theaters near me are showing this by the way.  I will give this movie a fair review like I have done with many other movies and TV shows.  At least I will get to enjoy some great animation!  We all should be happy about that!

Thank the people at DHX Media by using the Twitter hashtag:  #thankyouDHX

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