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The UAB Football Situation Shows You The Major Corruption In Alabama


Some people ask me, why no one will hire me in the state of Alabama.  I tell them this, it’s because many people with power, from politicians, business owners, and other people with power, usually do corrupt and wrong things in Alabama.  This is why the speaker of the house Mike Hubbard is facing corruption charges, it’s why some greedy vets wants to shut down the low-cost spay and neuter clinics, only to charge around $300, and it’s why the UAB Football program is now shut down.  It’s not because of funds as president Ray Watts is saying, it’s because higher-ups in Tuscaloosa wanted it shut down.

First off, I wanted to share this video from UAB football player Braylon Rumph, who recorded a very emotional video from other players who slammed Ray Watts for shutting down the football program.  Yep, win six games and become bowl eligible, and get the rug pulled right out from them, that’s Alabama for you!

As you can see, the entire football team is angry about seeing the football program ending, and it’s not because of low funds, it’s because the UAB president is not reliable, and I would say it, corrupt.  Ray Watts has not been a reliable president for UAB, and many are calling for his firing.  And because of what happened, someone did this to a billboard featuring the president of UAB.

As of today, many people across Alabama and the country, are now behind the UAB Blazers.  From other schools, businesses, and many more, you are now going to see other media organizations expose what is going on at UAB.  It’s already happening!  ESPN is already talking about this and digging dirt.  And Wade Kwon’s site Wade on Birmingham, has talked about this scandal.  You can view the story by clicking here.

I have talked about wrongdoings and weird things happening in state and local government in the state of Alabama since I started this site in August 2011.  Anytime I talk about things like the bad roads, bad schools, underfunded budgets, and more, I usually get the stink eye from those people who are running things, and I have gotten used to being a polarizing figure in Alabama.  At least I have not been arrested and thrown in jail simply for running a blog like another blogger in Shelby County has.  And yes, I even get comments from some people who thinks my life is threatened because I talk about these corrupt things inside this state.

So, what do I think will happen to me?  I believe my time in Alabama is coming to a close.  And the only way I will ever get hired is for me to leave Alabama.  I hate this, because the average people are very nice and friendly, and have lots of southern hospitality.  But, when the people running things help to make Alabama have one of the worst economies and unemployment problems in Alabama and the United States, what do you do?  Stay in Alabama and rely on food stamps and hope you get on disability?  Nope, most people would leave.

I have many contacts from people and brands outside of Alabama.  And let me tell you, this corruption and wrongdoings will convince more and more people to never set foot inside Alabama.  When more politicians get arrested, when Alabama is the worst in the country for something else, and when the real truth to the shutting down of the UAB football program is revealed, it will convince more people and businesses that Alabama is a dumb, redneck state that should never be visited.  That is far from the truth.  But, our current leaders are hell-bent to make Alabama a dumb state and a laughing-stock.

So, starting as of now.  My job search will concentrate on looking for jobs outside of Alabama.  The reason why I am doing this is not because of people in Alabama who are often friendly and nice.  It because the leaders in Alabama are often greedy, corrupt, and do anything possible to keep this state in last place.  Thousands of people have had to leave Alabama because of the corruption and bad economy, and more people will soon leave, most likely including me.  I have had many bloggers, YouTube folks, brands, and other people on social media tell me to leave Alabama.  And they may be right.  And if I leave Alabama, Geek Alabama would have a new name.  Maybe it’s not too late, but it would take the courage from average people to vote out the current political leaders.

James Spann summed up the atmosphere in Alabama in words I would also say.  Alabama is too trenched in this “good ole boy” system, and if this does not change.  Alabama is doomed.

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