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The Anniston Nightclub Fight / The Corrupt Way The UAB Football Might Be Shut Down


The crazy state of Alabama, where cities like Anniston are home to animal abusers,  crooked politicians, rude people, and fights at nightclubs.  And, the state is home to crooked officials with a lot of power.  Power to destroy good things like a college football team in Birmingham.  Geek Alabama likes to talk about crooked and wrong things in Alabama, even though the ones who wants to make the changes for the worst do not like me Nathan Young.  Oh well, I am used to it now!  So, this post is going to talk about two things, another black eye for Anniston and the UAB Football team on the brink of closure, let’s go!

Anniston Nightclub Fight

Over the weekend, a nightclub fight outside the nightclub Ambitions, resulted in one women being ran over by someone else’s car.  If things were not bad enough, the driver ran over this women, then backed up and ran her over again.  The women being ran over was 21-year-old Margie Mitchell, and she was visiting Anniston from her hometown of Detroit to celebrate her 21st birthday with family and friends.  Here is a video of Margie, after being ran over.  Warning, the video is graphic!

The women suffered several broken bones, burn marks, and spinal injuries, and she is now at UAB hospital.  What this shows you is we have a major problem here in Anniston.  From business owners abusing animals, people being ran over, people suffering in a bad economy, and more.  This town continues to sink into a deep and dark hole.  If you have the time, you should check out my latest article talking about why the Anniston/Oxford metro area gained another one of the worst of the country marks.  It should shock you.

Save UAB Football Heats Up

Last week, I wrote an article talking about why UAB is important to Birmingham.  Apparently, that is not stopping the University of Alabama Board of Trustees from making some big changes, including shutting down the football program.  On Sunday night, many people turned out for a UAB rally, and it was good seeing people of all ages out there rallying to save the program.  But, it could be too little too late, and that is a shame!  Because football means a lot in the state of Alabama, and for Birmingham.  A new stadium would bring more life into downtown Birmingham.  Even now, businesses like Good People Brewing are behind UAB, I hope every business in the Birmingham Metro gets behind UAB.

From a story, it looks like the decision to kill off UAB football was made a long time ago, only because former athletic director Gene Bartow advised the NCAA to investigate the Alabama basketball program.  And Paul Bryant Jr., who is on the board of trustees, has tried to kill off the football program as a form of payback.  Come on, I thought we were acting like adults, not little kids who should be still in kindergarten.  And if the UAB football program is axed, it would affect more than the football players and coaches.  Band members and cheerleaders could also be axed, other sports could be on the chopping block, and the sports that are left would move to a much weaker conference.  This morning, Bill Bubba Bussey from the Rick and Bubba show sent out two tweets that should alarm all UAB supporters.  It looks like the football program might not be the only thing cut.

Here’s what I think, there are some shady and corrupt people who wants all sports outside of the University of Alabama to be shut down.  That means, no more sports at UAB, and UAH, and other systems inside the University of Alabama system.  Some people on the board wants everyone at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to root on the Crimson Tide, even though their campus is an hour away.  I think this is a cruel power grab that is not going unnoticed.  Because if the football program is shut down, other sports and activities will shut down too.  It will affect people who wants to get an college education, it will affect others who needs other campus activities to get away from a stressful class schedule, and it will drive down the student enrollment, no doubt about that.

UAB provides a lot of funding in the University of Alabama system.  And if the board of trustees wants to be bullies, maybe it’s time for UAB to split from the Alabama system.  Heck, if Regions Field and the Barons can become a major success in downtown Birmingham, then a new for UAB football can become a major hit too!  This is all about political payback, and it’s contributing to the destruction of Alabama.  Alabama has one of the worst economies and unemployment problems in America, and it’s not because people don’t want to work, it’s because crooked leaders wants it to stay that way.  I guess the political leaders in Alabama likes the state to be a laughing-stock?

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