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Ray Watts Has Been Caught With His Pants Down, Now He Needs To Go


So, the truth has finally been revealed in the UAB football saga.  And most of us were correct!  There was something fishy about the UAB football team being cut, and after what and Rep. Jack Williams dug up, we can pretty much say that Ray Watts needs to be fired, and fired immediately!  He mislead the entire campus and fanbase over some bogus plan to axe football with Sard Verbinnen & Co, which has ties with one person from the UA Board of Trustees!  I mean, let a company plan a strategy which has ties to the university running UAB, you knew that would be trouble!

But things get better!  Rep. Jack Williams released documents showing that UAB decided to end the football program last August, right before the season even began.  If this is true, it would mean that the football team played the entire season, not knowing that the season would be their last.  While the administrators kept quiet.  The PR firm recommended to UAB that they should postpone the football axe announcement until the end of the season.  Wow!  How tasteless was that!

And I love how Ray Watts is trying to defend himself.  On another article, he said  that “Rep. Jack Williams made a number of inaccurate accusations that need to be corrected. Mr. Williams makes reckless and untrue charges about Bill Carr and CarrSports Consulting, Chancellor Robert Witt, Governor Bentley, the UA System Board of Trustees, and me.”  Keeping digging that hole Mr. Watts, keep digging that hole.

And it’s not just Ray Watts criticizing mostly everyone including me.  Alabama Chancellor Robert Witt said only a “vocal few” oppose Watts leadership and UAB’s governance.  Um, Mr. Witt, have you have heard a thing called social media, and the hashtag #FreeUAB?  It’s not just a vocal few!  James Spann has criticized the whole UAB thing.  And even Paul Finebaum has weighed in on this!

No, it’s not a vocal few, it’s the vocal many!  A poll done by a company on the behalf of Jack Williams showed that 64 percent of those questioned believe UAB President Dr. Ray Watts acted improperly when ending the football program.  And 86 percent believe UAB should be allowed to have a football team!  86 percent!  You can read the results from FOX 6 by clicking here.

So, how to sum all of this up?  For starters, Ray Watts needs to be let go, and now! Because of all of this, you are going to have the national media target UAB. Folks from ESPN and other sports outlets are going to grill Ray Watts and UAB.  Heck, I hope that John Oliver will skewer UAB in one of his videos!  Second, I hope that Rep. Jack Williams and the Alabama Legislature will pass a bill that will force UAB to return the football, bowling, and rifle teams cut for no reason.

Third, and this should happen.  I believe it’s time for UAB to separate from the University of Alabama system.  Hey, the University of Birmingham has a great ring to it!  The school can still be the Blazers, and they would have the support of everyone in the Birmingham Metro and Alabama.  Hey Ray Watts, no one can trust you anymore!  If you came up to me saying you were homeless and needed some money, I would call the police on you.  You are a lying machine!  What else have you lied about since you became head of UAB?

I think this is the tip of the iceberg.  I am afraid we will see more wrongdoings from UAB and President Ray Watts.  And we will see the connections to the University of Alabama. Yes, I think UAB can grow and recover from this major PR nightmare.  But it’s going to take Ray Watts leaving, and then the repairs can begin.  To end this post, let me do my own version of the Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer. Hey Ray Watts, Hey Ray Watts, Hey Ray Watts, we just exposed the hell outta you!  Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer, give ’em hell UAB!

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