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Support Children’s Of Alabama By Buying Alabama’s Best


If you live in Alabama, do you buy products at the store that are made in Alabama?  If you buy products like Milo’s Tea, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Barber’s Dairy, Bud’s Best Cookies, and more, you are buying products made in Alabama.  In fact,  Alabama food product sales have a $2 billion impact in Alabama’s economy, tax base, and along with the grocery and food service industries, employ one out of every four Alabamians.

To know if a product is made in Alabama, and when consumers shop in their local grocery store, they need to look for the Buy Alabama’s Best logo under products to ensure they are buying the best products made in Alabama.  For the month of September, a portion of sales from participating Alabama products will be donated to Children’s of Alabama to help them find a cure for childhood cancer.

It’s easy to know which products are made in Alabama, just look for the Buy Alabama’s Best logo below.  I kind of admit, it may be time for the logo to get a fresh makeover.

To learn more about Buy Alabama’s Best, go to:

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