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Geek Alabama Is Going To Grow Hopefully Soon


Last week, my post about the death of the American Dream went viral.  And I was happy to share my experiences on why I believe the American Dream is gone forever.  If you want to read that post, click here.  So now, I wanted to let all of the Geek Alabama readers know something great.  I am working with someone to build another website, and no, I can not name the person or website I am working on right now.  The new website is going to feature some of the things Geek Alabama already does right now.  And at the same time, Geek Alabama is going to grow from this as well.  It means more reviews, interviews, event coverage, and much more!  Hey, Geek Alabama is already one of the top ranked Alexa media websites in Alabama and the country, I want to continue this growth!

Soon, I hope I can announce what I am doing.  It has been a trying time to get Geek Alabama growing.  And to grow, it means I need funding.  I have tried a crowdsourcing campaign, asking banks, asking other people, and even asking the local chamber of commerce for help.  I even had a chance to talk in front of a bunch of investors and business leaders about what I do, but sadly nothing has happened.  Here’s video of how that went.

So now, me and this other person I am working with are both faced with the same problem.  We have been unemployed for way too long.  And for me, I am getting tired of being screwed by the past employers I have worked for.  Yes, I have been taken advantaged of and chewed up and spit right back out with most of my past employers.  In my view, Geek Alabama could be the only way I earn my living.  Since many employers think I am lazy, overweight, and unreliable.  After 500 job applications, 14 job fairs, and numerous resumes handed out, growing Geek Alabama and the other website could be the only way to make a living.  View my visual resume below.

So, to start off, the new website and Geek Alabama, will continue to do everything you see below on the Geek Alabama Intro Video, plus more!  This website has already garnered many fans and the people who read this website wants to see it grow and succeed.  One thing that must happen, is a move to a self-hosted blog.  I have already been contacted by several people about advertising on this blog.  And I can not accept advertising on a blog.  So soon, expect a move to self-hosted, and a new design and front page as well, this is something I really want!

Two, Geek Alabama and the new website, will continue to feature things you already see here.  You will get event coverage with pictures and videos, and you will get profiles from people who show off some great things!  That is what Geek Alabama is all about!  And three, Geek Alabama and the new website will continue to do reviews from small businesses, books, TV shows, movies, products, food, and more!  I will also continue to talk about crowdsourcing projects as well!  I want to expand the reviews to include more videos and photos!

Geek Alabama and the new website will also continue to do videos from cooking and Roadscapes.  Yep, these videos has some fans, and people have asked me, when are you going to do your next cooking and/or Roadscapes video?  I hope soon!  I need some new equipment, and a better place to film the cooking videos!

Geek Alabama and the new website will also feature some of the top geeky / technology talk as well!  The most popular features like Animation Monday, Kickstarter Tuesdays, Roadscapes Wednesday, Video Roundup, and more segments are going to be expanded!  My goal is to expand this site so new writers can come in and write for Geek Alabama and the new website.  Another goal is to expand what Geek Alabama posts on their social media channels as well.  If we can make things work, that will happen!

So why I am doing this, simple.  I am getting tired of seeing the entire East Alabama region crumble right before our eyes.  The economy here is poor and many people are struggling.  Since I will never find a job in East Alabama due to the horrible economy, the only way money is going to be made is to expand what I do now.  Soon, I will announce what I am doing and what the new website will be!  But for now, I have to keep things a secret.  And thank you for reading Geek Alabama!

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